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This mod attempts to make the skies more realistic.

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The "Lighting Overhaul for Better Skies" mod was designed for old versions of this mod and may not look good with more recent versions. You can find old versions of Better Skies on the downloads page that are compatible; just pick anything from 2017.
The sky in MEC is unnaturally dark during the day and bright/blue during the night. This mod attempts to make the skies more realistic. Thanks to the physically based rendering tech used in Catalyst, a more realistic atmosphere makes all of the game's lighting look more realistic too!
I recommend using this mod with "Disable Runners Flow Color Correction" as the color correction can make the skies look quite bad.

Changes include:
  • Removed Rayleigh polarization filter that makes the sky darker during the day time.
  • Made the night sky darker.
  • Adjusted height fog to be more natural, especially less blue at night.
  • Reduced blue-ness of stars.
  • Moon now actually casts (very faint) light.
An alternative version of Better skies called "Realistic Skies" is available that uses more physically accurate properties, as well as enabling mie scattering, to create the most realistic looking skies possible. However, due to tech issues with mie scattering, you can see the bloom from the sun through walls. This is why mie scattering is normally disabled in the base game, but it is necessary to make the most realistic looking skies. You can decide whether it bothers you too much!
Mirror's Edge Catalyst mods are installed using Frosty Mod Manager. If you need help installing mods, please check out this tutorial. The tutorial is for Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017) but the process is the same for Mirror's Edge Catalyst.
Please join the Frosty Discord server if you need additional help.
This mod is incompatible with other mods that affect the ve_tod_XXXX files, for example Mars Atmosphere. You can check the conflicts tab of
Frosty Mod Manager if you aren't sure if you have conflicting mods.
This mod has only been tested in free-roam and may not work correctly during missions.
The term "Better" is a subjective opinion; you may not agree with it (that's fine).
If you have any issues with the mod, please check the bug reports and create a report if your issue is not listed. I will do my best to address the issue, though I can't guarantee that I will be able to fix it.