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Jedi from the Start

This mod will allow you to start the game is a Jedi. All of the dialogue on the Endar Spire has been rewritten, and shortened significantly, to make a shorter, more fun opening to the game.


  • All of the conversations have Alien VO's.
  • The tutorial elements have been removed from the Endar Spire.
  • All of the dialogue has been rewritten to make the Endar Spire much less of a learn to play section, and more of an epic introduction.
  • The pacing has been improved by removing dialogue and make certain conversations shorter.
  • Trask fights Bandon with a Lightsaber.
  • Coming Soon. Story continues onto Taris and to Dantooine.


To install, run the TSLPatcher.


To uninstall this mod, remove the files installed by the TSLPatcher from the Override and place any files in the backup folder into the Override.