Deathclaw Power Armor by Hopper31
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Added: 25/02/2017 - 04:26PM
Updated: 29/04/2017 - 09:07PM

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Last updated at 21:07, 29 Apr 2017 Uploaded at 16:26, 25 Feb 2017


All this mod really does is provide some model resources for you to equip a Deathclaw with Power Armor. All base game PAs have been converted to work with the Deathclaw skeleton. I've also provided a VERY basic sample ESP that has all the new armors entered properly so that any Deathclaw based creature (And the player, but that's really only for those that use the Playable Deathclaw mod, otherwise the sets are invisible) can equip them, including ones from Beast Master.

The armors can be crafted at any chemistry station under a new tab called "Deathclaw Armor". Each piece requires the corresponding human variant of the type of PA in question, some misc components, and a certain level of the Armorer perk, however the Raider PA can be crafted without the perk. Just note that once this is done it can't be converted back and will lose all previously attached mods, so don't do this on any piece you want to keep. By default each piece (apart from the Raider) is equal to the fourth tier of their set, so a Deathclaw T-51 PA Torso is equal to a T-51d Torso for example, but can be upgraded, or even downgraded at an armor workbench.

Because of the way everything is set up, certain mods that have no effect (like the Jet Pack or Explosive Vents) can be applied to what would normally be the appropriate part. Now I could fix this by creating duplicated base OMODs with different keywords, but then it'd break compatibility with mods like CPAO, PAMAP and likely any other mod that adds or changes PA mods.

If you want to just spawn them in, open the console and type "Help Deathclaw 4 Armo". That should spit out all the proper IDs.


The X-01 BoS paintjob in one of the screenshots is not included in this mod, but is from Consistent Power Armor Overhaul.


Feel free to do whatever you want with this, just credit me for making them.