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No uninstalls required once you have updated to 4.0.
Just download & overwrite.

4.20 Update
- Removed missed debug message from follower/settler shields.
- Fixed follower/settler shields with recharging.
- Overall adjustment to all NPC shields.

After installing update, go to Holotape:
1. Go to Fix Shields.
2. Run Option 1, Fix NPC Shields.
3. Unequip and requip your current shield.

Wasteland Energy Shields is a shielding system you craft and mod for yourself, companions and settlers.
Gather the shield pieces from various NPC's to craft them.
Continue reading for information on how it works, the different shields and more.

When you first load WES, you will be given 16 pieces to start out with plus the settings Holotape.
You can and should, build yourself the "Wastelander's Shield", a beginners shield at the nearest Chemistry Station.
Then you can either mod it or build your companion a shield.

This Mod Requires both Automatron and Far Harbor DLC's
======> This Also Requires HUDFramework <======

Also recommended to use Armorsmith Extended along with Armor and Weapon Keywords.
With this mod to be able to still wear your Wedding Ring along with WES.


When using AE-WES.esp... the ring uses the [U] L Arm slot. A hidden underarm slot.
When not using AE-WES.esp, is just uses the ring slot. This ESP is only if you want to wear your wedding ring.

Armor Keywords Vaultsuit and some other armors may and do use that [U] slot.
Armorsmith Extended should fix the issue and it changes some items and mostly removes [U] slots.
For example Vaultsuit is just BODY.

If shields still unequip armor and vice versa, then it is using the same slot.
Most likey using both [U] L Arm and [U] R Arm.
You will have to patch it yourself.

Any custom armor mods, you will have to change.


Information on Shields
The idea of the shields is to offer a limited time of limited immunity before actually taking full damage. These shields are not meant for you just stand there and take tons of damage surrounded by large groups. They will go down fairly fast. Even more so from higher level NPC's. As you level and get higher shields and mods, they will become more powerful and will be able to handle much more damage. Any further damage reduction from any other sources will also improve your shields durability.

These will work in Power Armor.
Please, no questions as to why you can not Unequip them in Power Armor. You should know why.
You can not "Unequip Gear" in Power Armor. Shield is a Ring. That is on your hand. That is in a big metal glove.

Each shield has four pieces that you have to find. Once you have the four pieces, you will be able to craft that shield at the Chemistry Workbench.
CRAFTING BUGS: When crafting shields at the Chemstry station it is best to hit the Enter or whatever key you have bound to craft an item when the confirmation dialog appears. There is a bug that causes it to create the wrong shield for some reaosn when clicking the dialog menu.
Once the Shield is created, you can attach mods at the Armor Workbench.
Each section can be modded.
Mods listed below.

The Four Shield Sections:
- Energy Component
- Delay Component
- Recharge Component
- Rate Component

Named Shield Component's (Example):
- Scavenger Energy Component
- Scavenger Delay Component
- Scavenger Recharge Component
- Scavenger Rate Component

You will also need 1 Crystal & 1 Gold to craft each Named Shields.

Modding Component's:
These and named shield component's can be used to create mods for each shield's mod section:
- Energy Shield Energy Component
- Energy Shield Delay Component
- Energy Shield Recharge Component
- Energy Shield Rate Component

These are also used for Companion and Settler shields and mods.
Explained Further Below.

For modding you can use, for instance, "Scavenger Capacity Component" to create a capacity mod. As it can be scrapped to an "Energy Shield Capacity Component" if you drop it and scrap it. Basically, any "Capacity Component", "Delay Component" ect... can be used for creating mods and Non player shields.

How it Works
Player Shields offer different bonus's aimed for varying play styles. These bonus's are only available while the shield is active. When you put a shield on, you will receive 2 Perks.

The First Perk
The Shields first Perk offers +500 Resist All. Incoming Damage, Fall Damage & Stagger reduced by 50%. All Limb Damage Eliminated.

Second Perk
This will be the shields bonus abilities plus a display for base stats. Shields have the following stats displayed.
SE = Shield Energy
RD = Recharge Delay
RR = Recharge Rate

When wearing a named shield, the second perk will contain the shields bonus information.
Scavengers Example Display:
+75 Carry Weight & 15% Persuasion.

Every time you loose health, the shield absorbs the damage. Sometimes you will notice your life bar jump around some. That I can not control as well.

No Shield Swapping (Updated)
You can swap shields at any time. However, if the shield has depleted and
has not fully reached it's full recharge, it will place a debuff on you
if you decide to swap shields and must wait 30 seconds for it to

There really should be no reason to swap shields durring combat and or when they are recharging (mostly recharge delay). That was not the intended gameplay. Let one deplete then just swap to another shield.

Shield Hits Effects
The shield has 4 color stages.
Blue => 74-100%
Green => 54-75%
Yellow => 26-50%
Red => 1-25%

Everytime you are hit, you will see one of the four colors for half a second.
When not in combat, every 30 seconds, you and anyone else wearing a shield with show the shield color for 1 second. While the shield is recharging, you will see each of the colors as it recharges, depending on how low it was.

When you equip a shield on yourself or anyone else, you will see a blue field (like in photos above).
That lets you know it is running.

Shield Sound Effects

There are also 2 sound effect.
1. When equipped or unequopped..
2. When depleted.
3. When recharged.

All of which are different Stealthboy sounds seperated.

Player HUD
The HUD had has two modes of display. In Power Armor and not in Power Armor. You can position each one individually. None Power Armor preset positions available. Left and Right displays for none power armor.


Preset Positions listed below in Settings Holotape section.
Move indiviual shields via console commands.
Sorry about making you use the console to do things like positioning and
scaling. Until we have a MCM with fancy sliders, though, this will have
to do! The upside is that you only need to configure just once - your
settings are saved. Set and forget.

Moves the HUD +10 from its current X position.
cqf neoenergyshieldshud modpos x 10

Moves the HUD -10 from its current X position.
cqf neoenergyshieldshud modpos x -10

Moves the HUD +10 from its current Y position.
cqf neoenergyshieldshud modpos y 10

Moves the HUD -10 from its current Y position.
cqf neoenergyshieldshud modpos y -10

All these commands can be copied and pasted into the console.

The HUD shows the shields current health and both timers. Each timer will count down individually. So first you will see the recharge
delay count down, from say 20 to 1. Give shield some health. Then the recharge rate, say which is 8 seconds, starts counting down to 1 and
repeats until sheild is recharged.

All timers reset when you are hit or the shields looses health.

Settings Holotape
HUD Positions:
(Direction Facing, Position)
Auto Hide HUD - (Displays for 30 seconds after equipping a ring. When in combat. While Recharging.)
Always Show HUD
Left, Top
Left, Center
Left, Above Health Bar
Right, Top
Right, Center
Right, Above Health Bar
Right, Left Side of Compass(Default)

There are 3 modes of how the shields can work:
Mode 1: Player and Enemy NPC's take minmal Damage while shields are active. (Default)
Mode 2: Player and Enemy take no Damage while shields are active.
Mode 3: Only Enemy NPC's take minimal damage while shield is active.

Shield Spawn Chance
You can change the chance any NPC will spawn with a shield. Please keep in mind changing the settings mid game may take some time to take effect  until a respawn occurs.

- Low Shield component drops (1-3 mostly 1-2) (Default)
- High Shield component drops (2-3 mostly 3)

- You can change the settings from:
10%, 25%, 50% (Default), 75%, 100%

Equipped Shield Stats
Inside there is also a command you initiate and after closing the PipBoy, a message will appear showing the the shields current stats. With mods.

Fix Shields
- Fix NPC Shields
-- NPC's wearing shields unequp and requip shields. Best for fixing small coding changes in their scripts.

- Fix NPC's Stat's & Shields
-- NPC's will dissappear for a bit, then will re-appear. This just resets them in attemps to fix any broken stats. Also fixes any shields that may be bugged or outdated from an update.

- Fix Equipped Shield
-- Unequip's and removes your currently equipped shield and replaces it with an updated one. Then re-equip's it.

- Fix all shields in Inventory
-- Removes all shields equipped and in inventory. Unequip's and removes your currently equipped shield and replaces it with an updated one. Then re-equip's it.

- Fix Resistances
-- Resets you resistances to their defaults. Only used this if you have an issue with the shields not removing the resistances  spell.

Player Specific (Named) Shields
There are 9 different types of shields. Pieces of each shield drop from various NPC's that will be listed to that shield.
All NPC's and Enemies will drop pieces. If a friendly dies while battleing with you (or against you), they will drop some pieces.

Wastelander's Shield (Basic Player Shield - Freebee)
SE: 28
RD: 20 Seconds
RR: 1 Energy Every 8 Seconds

Scavenger's Shield (Drop From Raiders, Roaming Wastelander's & Scavenger's)
+75 Carry Weight & 10% Persuasion
SE: 30
RD: 12 Seconds
RR: 2 Energy Every 6 Seconds

Scientist's Shield (Drop From Institute Synth's & Brotherhood of Steel)
Melee attackers are knocked back and shocked & Attacks have a chance to cause targets to suffer Electrical damage for 5 seconds.
SE: 32
RD: 12 Seconds
RR: 2 Energy Every 6 Seconds

Gunslinger's (Drop From The Gunners & Minutmen)
Reload Faster & 20% Additional Accuracy while in VATS. Attacks do double shield damage.
SE: 34
RD: 14 Seconds
RR: 3 Energy Every 6 Seconds

Gladiator's (Drop From Rust Devils)
Run 30% Further & Increase AP Regeneration
SE: 34
RD: 14 Seconds
RR: 3 Energy Every 6 Seconds

Atomic (Drop From Children of Atom)
Radiate nearby enemies & Attacks have a chance to cause targets to suffer Radiation damage for 5 seconds.
SE: 36
RD: 16 Seconds
RR: 3 Energy Every 8 Seconds

Combustive (The Forged)
Burn Nearby Enemies & Attacks have a chance to Burn Enemies for 5 seconds.
SE: 38
RD: 16 Seconds
RR: 3 Energy Every 8 Seconds

Coldsnap (Drop from Robots Only - Any Robot)
Nearby Enemies suffer Cryo damage & Attacks have a chance to cause targets to suffer Cryo damage for 5 seconds.
SE: 38
RD: 16 Seconds
RR: 3 Energy Every 8 Seconds

Damage over time for the three shields above start at 1 damage for 5 seconds and add's one additional point very 10 levels.
Max 11 damage over 5 seconds at level 100+

Nightstalker's (Drop From Trappers)
Mark Scoped Targets & Gain a Stealth Field while sneaking and standing still. Attacks do double shield damage.
SE: 38
RD: 16 Seconds
RR: 3 Energy Every 8 Seconds

Warmonger's (Drop From Supermutants)
+20% Damage with all Weapons & 15% Critical Hit Chance
SE: 40
RD: 20 Seconds
RR: 4 Energy Every 10 Seconds

Shielding Mods
When you add mods to items, those items are un-equipped and re-equipped by the game you will hear the shield sounds when modding.

Energy Mods

(+1 Shield Component Per Increase)
- Shield Energy +4 (@ lvl 10)
- Shield Energy +6 (@ lvl 20)
- Shield Energy +8 (@ lvl 30)
- Shield Energy +10 (@ lvl 40)
- Shield Energy +12 (@ lvl 50)

Delay Mods
(+1 Shield Component Per Increase)
- Recharge Delay Reduced by 2 (@ lvl 15)
- Recharge Delay Reduced by 3 (@ lvl 25)
- Recharge Delay Reduced by 4 (@ lvl 35)
- Recharge Delay Reduced by 5 (@ lvl 45)

Health Mods
(+1 Shield Component Per Increase)
- Shield Recharge +1 (@ lvl 25)
- Shield Recharge +2 (@ lvl 35)
- Shield Recharge +3.5 (@ lvl 45)
- Shield Recharge +4 (@ lvl 55)

Recharge Mods
(+1 Shield Component Per Increase)
- Recharge Time Reduced by 1 (@ lvl 20)
- Recharge Time Reduced by 2 (@ lvl 30)
- Recharge Time Reduced by 3 (@ lvl 40)
- Recharge Time Reduced by 4 (@ lvl 50)


It is up to you to choose the right balance of your shields.
You do not have to upgrade them to make them UBER Shields.
Do what you think is best for you.

Companion & Settler Shields
You are able to craft various shields for your companions & settlers.  Humans, Robots and any Dog Race.These are moddable and can have as many as you need on as many NPC's.  You can not wear these. Equpping it tells you you can not wear it and nothing happens.

These basically have 5 Mod Slots over the 4 on the above shields:
- Energy Component
- Delay Component
- Recharge Component
- Rate Component
- Spell Component

They require the following components to build:
- 1 Energy Shield Energy Component
- 1 Energy Shield Delay Component
- 1 Energy Shield Recharge Component
- 1 Energy Shield Rate Component

No additional materials or perks required

General Stats:
SE: 30
RD: 12 Seconds
RR: 2 Energy Every 6 Seconds

Companion & Settlers Shield Spell Slots
Mods for Companions and Settlers available at various levels.
1. +100 Carry Weight (@ lvl 20)
2. +25% Movement Speed (@ lvl 15)
3. Targets Bleed from Attacks for 5 Seconds - Bleed Damage changes based on wearer's level. (@ lvl 20)
4. Melee Knock back - A Chance Melee attackers are knocked backed, shocked and damaged (based on wearer's level) while shield is active. (@ lvl 25)
5. Burn Neaby Enemies (@ lvl 30)
6. Schock Nearby Enemies (@ lvl 30)
7. Freeze Nearby Enemies (@ lvl 30)
8. 30% Increased Damage (@ lvl 35)

Sorry No Stealth.
1. Best to Stealth Solo.
2. The NPC's flickered ALL stealth field's/effect's on and off continuously. So, so buggy.

These require all of the following components to cradt:
- Energy Shield Energy Component
- Energy Shield Delay Component
- Energy Shield Recharge Component
- Energy Shield Rate Component

Faction Shields
Raider's, Wastelander's & Scavenger's Shield Stats
Player Level 1-14
SE: 28
RD: 10 Seconds
RR: 1 Energy Every 4 Seconds

Minutemen Shield Stats
Player Level 1-14
SE: 30
RD: 12 Seconds
RR: 2 Energy Every 6 Seconds

Rust Devil's & Synth Shield Stats
Player Level 1-14
SE: 32
RD: 14 Seconds
RR: 2 Energy Every 8 Seconds

Brotherhood of Steel, Gunner's & Robot's Shield Stats
Player Level 1-14
SE: 34
RD: 16 Seconds
RR: 3 Energy Every 8 Seconds

Children of Atom, The Forged & Trappers Shield Stats
SE: 36
RD: 18 Seconds
RR: 3 Energy Every 10 Seconds

Player Level 15-34
SE: +4
RD: +4
RR: +2 Energy Every +2 Seconds

Player Level 35-54
SE: +8
RD: +6
RR: +4 Energy Every +4 Seconds

Player Level 34-55+
SE: +16
RD: +8
RR: +6 Energy Every +6 Seconds

Special NPC Shield Bonuses
After reaching level 15 and every 5 levels from there on, everyone listed above that drops shields will randomly receive one of the 4 above bonus spells listed below.

1. +25% Movement Speed (@ Level 15)
2. Targets Bleed from Attacks for 5 Seconds (@ Level 20)
3. Melee Knock back (@ Level 25)
4. 30% Increased Damage (@ Level 30)

As you level it will Randomize across them all.
So at level 30, there is a chance of a an NPC gaining any one of the 4 Abilities.
While at level 15-19, they can randomly move faster.

My Other Mods
Legendary Armor Sets (Offline for now)
The Wastelander Guardian - Shielding System

Previous Updates
4.15 Update
- Fixed a big issue when using Fix shield options. IMPORTANT TO UPDATE!
- Added one additional fix shield option that was coded, but not added to holotape. Listed below.
- Fixed an issue related to power armor.
- Fixed an issue with new shields not having full capacity when first crafted.
- A few minor code changes.

4.10 Update
- Fixed an overlooked issue when shield depleted for the player. Kept re-adding Shields Abilities/Damage dampening spells.
- Fixed Scientists Left over mats.
- Added Always Show HUD/Auto Hide HUD only showing under the same cicrumstances.
- Added option to have low shield part drop chance 1-2 (mostly 1-2 lower
named shield chance) or 1-3 (mostly 3 high named shield chance)

4.0 Update
- Consolidated File Size and Scripting. Smaller, less scripts running.
- Removed Workshop DLC requirement. Seems accidentally added.
- Changed all crafting recipes. Removed additional components. Now x1-5 shield parts. To help make better use to the amount that drop.
- Changed how drops work. Changed drops to be anywhere from 1-3 pieces. Named shields a little bit more rare and harder to obtain.
- All shields take more damage. 2x for Player and Followers. 3x For Enemies and Friendly NPC's.
- All Recharge Delays and Rates reduced by half. (See changes in actual stats way below)
- Shield Mods have all been changed in numbers. (See changes in actual stats way below)
- Gunslinger and Nightsalker now do double shield damage to all NPC shields minus Companions and Settlers.
- Fixed Nightstalkers Marking Enemies. Was marking anyone you put in iron sights.
- Fixed Trapper and Children of Atom drops.
- All rings/shields have been added via outfits to NPC's. Additonal modified outfits listed below.
- Removed Shields automatically being added to New Settlers.
- Verifies and cleans any residue shield effects/character changes on equip and unequip for all shields used.
- All shields minus player have the shield added via enchantment on item.
- Damage to Health mode has been changed to take however much damage the shield takes.
- Added Player HUD for the shield. (Thanks to HUDFramework)
- Fixed Damage Modes
- Removed Dogmeat Ring
- Added 5 Dog Collar Variants for Dog Shields
- Removed all Robot Rings
- Added individual Assualtron, EyeBot, Mr. Handy, Protectron and Sentry shields
--- Assualtron, Protectron and Sentry use the actual shield slot. Invisible item.
--- EyeBots use the Back Panel slot
--- Handy uses the ring slot still
---- These still need to be tested and verfied on DLC Robot Followers - I will need feedback
- Remove view current stats. Shield will display them.