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Note: This mod require the RR Companions Vault master, which can be downloaded here.

Welcome, valued customer, and thank you for choosing NosCo for your vault-remodeling needs.

We have worked very hard to provide you and your companions with the very best in wasteland survival living.

Your vault can be remodeled quickly, and we will work with you to develop a payment plan that fits YOUR life!

If you find yourself satisfied with your purchase, please don't forget to check out NosCo's bodyguard and weapons lines, as well!

Remember, when you think stylish death in the wasteland, think NosCo!

*Warning! Before running this plugin, please remove all items you wish to keep from the Vault 1 cell. MASSIVE changes are made to containers, and many if not most of the default containers are removed and replaced by others that will NOT share the same invetory.


This plugin is my own personal Vault 1. Heavily remodeled from one end to the other, to make it someplace I'd actually be okay with living.

Note please that this is, as I said, MY PERSONAL vault remake. I made it with myself in mind, and made no concessions whatsoever to what others may or may not like.

Also note that the containers are set up for the mods I run, and the style of inventory sorting I practice.

Though made to work with mods like Ling's, 20th Century Weapons, and CRAFT, this plugin does NOT require them. You can do whatever you like with the containers.


Where to start?

First of all, the Armory and Training Rooms are gone. Destroyed. Never to be seen again. I didn't even leave doorways where they used to be. The original museum, as well, has been completely torn out and replaced.

The Terminal-accessed imagespace and light modifiers have been disabled. While not disabled, the pool controls will not control the new water spouts in the pool.

All lighting fixtures have been torn out, and replaced with thin-form banks of fluorescent lights.

The floor has been tiled wherever practical with either brown/tan tile, or black and gold marble. Yes, there are gaps at the edges. It is still intended to look like a converted vault.

All lights themselves have been replaced with ones of my own design. Most lights will be a more pure, white light. This should result in cleaner skin tones, better screen shots, and all-round better feeling vault.

Most rooms have had ceiling panels set, where there was space. This helps cover the vault feeling even more.

All couches and rugs in the vault have been replaced with new ones, in a dark blue color.

Most rooms have also had decorative black marble pillars added in the corners and/or around the edges.

All triggers for the automatic opening and closing of doors have been removed. Doors around the atrium have been removed outright.

The protectrons and their pods are gone.

Most rooms have switches to control the majority of their lights. Note that these switches do not always remove ALL lights, and may merely change the lighting balance of the room to change the feel.

Hallways, and the NPC dorm rooms do NOT have light switches of any sort.

*Specific Rooms:

The museum and armory have been replaced by a new, sleeker museum that seems more like a gallery, and less like an old store room.

It sports pedestals for a dozen mannequins, and glass cases for four weapons. Cases are large enough that they should hold most larger weapons, or multiple small ones.

Lighting is provided via overheads, track lighting, and sconces set into the walls. Most lights will be turned off by the switch, next to the entrance.

-Player's Bedroom:
Most containers in the player's bedroom have been removed, and replaced with specialty containers.

These include nine different clothing containers - four bureaus, three wardobes, and two lockers. The containers are labeled, and intended to help organize the staggering mess of clothing you collect by running Ling's Finer Things, Ling's Pretty Things, and Tailor Maid, amongst others.

The containers are labeled as follows: Headwear; Boots, Belts, & Spads; Jewelry & Accessories; Swimwear & Unmentionables; Complete Outfits; Tops; Bottoms; Power Armor; and Armor.

Two further, unlabeled lockers are provided on the adjoining wall.

The two safes remain, but have been moved to be on one side of the bed.

The Player's footlocker has been removed.

'My First Infirmary' moved to the clinic, downstairs.

New desk, topped in black marble.

Computer chair replaced with a darker, more comfortable model.

Dinner service for two set up in one corner.

Couch moved.

Sculpture placed near the door.

Two new lockers provided near the workbench. These are made for the Craft - CALIBR Ammunition Schematics mod. One is labeled Reloading Components, the other Explosives.

Jukebox moved.

Nuka Machine moved.

Bobblehead stand moved, light over it replaced with one of a less harsh color.

Shelf hung on the wall, displaying a Reservist's Rifle and box of .308 ammo.

Armor, helmet, and crossed swords hung on the other wall, near the dining table.

Chandeliers hung to provide alternate lighting.

Bed replaced with one that has dark wood, and black sheets.

Rugs dropped in various places. Marble gets cold in the morning.

Light switch near the door will toggle between normal and dim lighting.

-Hallway to player's bedroom/museum:
New speakers have been added to the hallway, as well as the museum. These are slaved to the Jukebox in the player's room, and will automatically activate and deactivate when it does.

Light switches at either door will completely toggle lights in the hall.

-Guard House:
Expanded by more than 100%. Now includes a break area for the guards, as well as a Nuka Machine, Refrigerator, and coffee pot.

Multiple ammo cans and weapons lockers added. Use them or don't - I don't want to hear about how it unbalances the game.

Added several V1 security crates. Should be enough uniforms, hats, and armor to outfit an entire army of companions or guards.

Radio tuned to GNR added. Will turn itself on or off at random when you enter the cell.

Added a pair of American flags the back wall, with lights on them.

Light switch near the door toggles overhead lighting; does not affect monitor-generated light.

Lighting changed heavily, on the theory that it's a good idea to be able to clearly see whoever is coming through the front door.

Speaker added, slaved to the radio in the guard house.

Sandbags removed.

Alcove lighting changed as well, to make it more friendly to napping in.

No light switches provided.

Heavily modified.

Pool tiled in black and gold marble. Pool lights added, can be activated or deactivated from the switch on the outside of the hall leading to the Player's bedroom.

Most doors removed.

Center sections of ceiling torn out, replaced with starfield.

Added pipes that stretch out over the pool, and spray water down onto some of the swimming idle markers.

Extra idle markers added to the pool.

Light switch just inside the doorway that leads up to the entryway controls the overhead lighting, toggling it completely on and off.

"Call Meeting" terminal removed.

Doorway leading to training room removed.

Extra lighting added. Desks moved around a bit.

Light switch just inside the door toggles classroom lighting completely.

-Mess Hall:
Switch just inside the door leading to the atrium toggles the overhead lighting, save for a pair of lights over the stove, which always remain on.

-Common Room:
Switch just inside the door leading to the atrium toggles overhead lighting. Does not affect flames.

Lighting changed to match rest of vault. No other changes.

Booths moved. New chandeliers set over them, with warmer lighting for more romantic dinners.

Juke Box moved, and has had a leaning idle marker placed against it.

Track lighting added to showcase the contents of the shelved behind the bar.

Lights added over the bar, itself.

Small table for two set against the back wall.

Switch inside the door will turn off the lighting over the pool table, bar, and spotting on the shelves. Does not affect the soft lighting over the booths.

-Overseer's Office:
Aquarium added. Stocked with 'Mini-Lurks'.

Switch just inside the door toggles overhead lighting. Does not affect aquarium lights. Does not affect escape tunnel lights.

Switch just inside the door completely toggles lights.

Plate glass removed; replaced with solid wall with viewing windows.

Switch just inside the door toggles overhead lighting; does not affect lighting in mirelurk tank.

Unaltered. Will likely be ripped out and replaced in a future version.

Increased floor space by 33%. Removed one bed, reorganized one half of the room into examination/surgical area. Other area is more waiting room style.

Added Nuka Machine, couch, books/magazines, potted plant, and respawning lockers full of medical miscellanea. Moved the 'My First Infirmary' from the player's bedroom to here.

Added many new idle markers to keep the doctor or other medical personnel occupied.

Incompatible with RR Refurbished, and most other mods that change the Vault 1 cell. Incompatible with RRSorters plugin. More than likely incompatible with RRQuest plugin.

Is fully compatible with all NPC plugins in the RR series. Works fine with NeilUK02's Vault 1 quest plugin.

Requires RR Companions Vault base mod: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=3644

Unzip to your Fallout 3\Data\ directory. Open your mod manager of choice, and check the box next to Nos' Vault 1 Remodel.esp, overwrite if prompted.

Custom meshes should go in Data\meshes\nos\

Custom textures go in Data\textures\nos\

In load order, it needs to come AFTER any other RR plugins, but beyond that it doesn't matter where exactly you put it.

Make sure you have all items taken from the new containers. Delete Nos' Vault 1 Remodel.esp from your Fallout 3\Data\ directory.