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Pyròs: GuideLines

by daJbot

Version :3.3
Date :10/02/2013
Category :Utilities

  • Description
  • Detail
  • History
  • Upgrade
  • Known Issues and Bugs
  • Contact
  • Credits
  • Tools Used
  • ---Extra Tools
  • Manual Installation
  • Manual Uninstallation
  • Future Plans
  • Legal and Licensing


Pyròs: GuideLines is a multi-game ReadMe generator designed to work with the supported nexus sites to make readable ReadMe, with as little efford as possible...


When running Guidelines you'll be greeted with the option to select the game you want to generate a ReadMe with, or write an article as of version 3.2. After selection(game). A form pops up, just fill in the fields you want to add and its done.

Currently Supported Game:
  • Fallout: New Vegas
  • Fallout 3
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion


Version 1.0
  • First release,

Version 2.0
  • Added BB Codes to the ReadMe.
  • New and improved F.A.Q.s System
  • New Interface

Version 2.1
  • General Bug Fix release

Version 2.2
  • Fixed "Incompatibilities" not showing correctly

Version 2.3
  • Spelling Fix: "Catagory" to "Category"

Version 2.4
  • Added the Gun Runner's Arsenal DLC

Version 2.5
  • Updated to a more user-friendly save system

Version 2.6
  • Special Release for Skyrim only(Quick port)

Version 3.0
  • Total Remake of interface and code.
  • New Interface
  • Support for Fallout 3, Skyrim and Oblivion
  • Option to replace name with image

Version 3.1
  • Fixed error in Skyrim's Offline ReadMe.
  • Remade all offline ReadMe's to look better.

Version 3.2 Major update
  • Added Option to make topic headers images.
  • Add Allignment option for topics
  • Add image to topics with ZoomEdit
  • Add a bulleted list to topics
  • Create a Article for the nexus sites, with BB codes.
  • General Bug Fixes

Version 3.3
  • Fix Fallout 3: Manual install's bb code corrected
  • Fix Skyrim: Dragonborn DLC now shows correctly
  • Interface updated


Uninstall any previous version of this mod, then either run the new setup or use the "Portable" version in the .7zip.

Known Issues and Bugs

Please Report any bugs, erros, spelling mistakes, etc. So I can address them as soon as possible.


  • Email: pyròssoft@gmail.com
  • Comment section


  • FrankFamily, for the original idea to add BB codes to the ReadMe generator and reporting a spelling mistake.
  • SonarX for suggesting a Portable version
  • bwins95 for reporting errors with Skyrim's offline ReadMe Generator
  • WalkerInShadows for reporting errors in Oblivions ReadMe generator.

Manual installation

The download is a .7zip file inside are 2 Folders, Portable and Installation. Use the installer to install the program on your pc or use the Guidelines_portable.exe version from anywhere on your pc.

Manual Uninstallation

Run the Uninstaller from the start menu or application's folder. If using the portable version just delete the Guidelines_portable.exe

Tools Used:

Extra Tools Used

Microsoft's Visual Studies 2010

Future Plans

Coming Soon:

Legal and Licensing

The content of this mod is owned by me, you may not use it under any circumstances. This program has a download site at all 4 the nexus sites and only them, if you find this program on any other website please report it to me. This Program is Freeware and is provided free of charge, no one may sell it to you. As it is freeware feel free to tell anybody to download it from these sites.

ReadMe generated with: Pyròs: GuideLines