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Requires FOSE v1.2+, RobCo Certified v2.3+, The Pitt DLC.

In the middle of the Scrapyard, a medley of 'interesting' characters have set up a new shop- selling robot parts and junk to anyone who visits. If you're RobCo Certified, it's a great place to pick up spare parts. If not, you can always content yourself with new friends, new enemies, new companions, new quests, new armour, new weapons and a tall refreshing glass of oil.

At the Scrapyard, you can...
  • Discover the poorly-hidden secret!
  • Reunite a stranded soldier with their unit!
  • Enforce anti-loitering laws!
  • Do some gardening!
  • Help the homeless!
  • Go shopping for music players!
  • Resurrect the dead!
  • Ressurect the dead more!

Every quest is technically doable without resorting to violence, as long as your Speech skill is high enough. Although one may involve hiding behind someone else whilst they resort to as much violence as they can.

The mod also contains a bunch of Vault Raider clothes and armour that're available for use as a modder's resource, if wanted.
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