Power of the Atom Reworked - FOOK2 and FWE compatable by Leviathan1753
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Added: 27/05/2010 - 08:26AM
Updated: 12/06/2010 - 06:28PM

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Last updated at 18:28, 12 Jun 2010 Uploaded at 8:26, 27 May 2010

I like mods that add realism, and this is one of those mods. I hated the way the atom bomb quest was in vanilla. Anyone fresh from the vault with a few points ticked into explosives could waltz in and turn the bomb off or rig it to pop before they even realized what it was. On top of that, no one seemed to care much whatsoever. In my mind, the people would start freaking out if someone was up there opening up the bomb and tinkering with its wiring. This is one of the small, but shining mods that adds a lot of realism to my mod list; I hope you enjoy.

This is an update to Volek's Power of the Atom mod to make it compatible with Fook2, as well as add changes.

NOTE: This should work peachy even if you don't have FOOK or FWE.

This mod makes the following changes:
- the followers of Atom attack you if you disarm the bomb.
- the settlers attack you if you rig the bomb.
- the followers of Atom have tissue damage from all the radiation they receive.
- the bomb itself difficult to tamper with. You have to have at least 50 explosives skill to even start (instead of 25, letting you disarm it fresh out of the vault). Even with a high skill, there's a chance that things will go wrong and the bomb will detonate.

Most of the hard work was done by Volek. I just took out and modded some stuff to make it compatible with FOOK2 and FWE and change things to personal taste. Enjoy!

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