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A pack of high quality crocodiles with a new animation set created by Zerosvalmont & HENDRIX.

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So you might have noticed that some time ago, Zerosvalmont and myself were working on the Cuban crocodile that we intended for WNW. Now we're back with something even cooler: A whole pack with crocodiles! It kinda evolved from the idea that when you're making a crocodile all from scratch, it's not far from making all crocodiles from scratch. To be exact, modern crocodiles haven't gotten especially much love from
designers, but that is now to chance.


  • Highly detailed 2048*512 skins, with accurate scales (wherever possible) and variants
  • Anatomically correct models, with correct leg posture, no more broken wrists, knees or missing fingers
  • Completely new, detailed and elaborate animation set, including never seen anims
  • such as death roll feeding or jumping attacks, as well as several different walk and variable turning animations
  • New behaviors, such as mothers carrying their babies to the shore
  • True-to-Live Dentition: The teeth are in the same position and orientation as in real animals
  • Particle effects: blood & water splashes
  • New sounds
  • English, Spanish & German supported


  • When will it be released?
  • We currently have a quite elaborate prototype coding done and tested and are going to expand it with additional features and more animations. Currently, we're at 97 anims but I think this will increase a bit. So while we're gradually adding new stuff, we can still stop at any time, run a few tests and then it's ready for release. And once we have the base done, coding the other species will be super quick. Expect the release of the first crocs in about one to three weeks time from now.
  • How will it be released?
  • Every animal individually as soon as done, later on re-released as bundles.
  • Will you also make prehistoric crocodile species?
  • Not for this project.
  • Will you make all extant crocodile species?
  • We'll see, but I'm fairly certain that it will become boring eventually...
  • Is it public domain? Can I use the model/skin/animations/coding?
  • Yes, but not for "Personal Use" Projects.
  • What about all your other projects? Yet another one?
  • Crocs are too cool to be suffering from BF animations any longer
  • Does the Cuban crocodile belong to WNW or Crocodylia now?
  • For the sake of completion, it'll be filtered under Crocodylia, though technically it was made for WNW
  • Do you have any more crocodiles already done?
  • Nope, you get to see everything as soon as it's done and we're satisfied with the result