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A companion download to Radical Remake that combines remakes of older packs created by the team, solo projects by team members, and completely new content. Released on May 13, 2017.

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Image gallery guide: logo (1); ingame (2-11); renders (12-29); miscellaneous (30-36); animals (38-78)

"Over the years, both our team and its individual members have created dozens of additional animals and objects for the game. The best of these projects are bundled here for the first time with improved quality. Boasting 41 animals*, more than 60 plants and trees and two complete themes, this is the ultimate collection of Aurora Designs material!

In order to compile this set, a lot of preparation work had been done to assess which projects could be incorporated and what could be improved. We ended up remaking a good portion completely from scratch, while other parts were updated for better performance and gameplay.

Long story short, this is the definitive collection of Aurora Designs’ bonus animals.

New Campaign

Play the first usermade scenario for Zoo Tycoon 2 and unlock an unlockable animal!

Improved Visuals

We tried to bring everything to a consistent and high level of quality.

New Content

In addition to the updates, CC also contains previously unreleased and new things!


Everything uses Levels of Detail (LODs) and BFB models wherever possible for ideal performance.

Scenic Foliage

Edited normals allow for believable shading, and the wind effect adds that little extra touch of realism.

Sleek Icons

All icons have been updated to match our modern UI color scheme.

Extensive Localization

We have provided automatic translations for all animals to reach as many players as possible."

For information on what specific content is included, feel free to visit this page!
*Please note that, in order to unlock the saiga for your zoos, you must complete the Save Our Saigas! campaign.