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Readds the 2006 versions of four vanilla dinosaurs, coded as separate entities from their Extinct Animals versions. Created by Mjmannella and released on Nov 2, 2019.

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"This pack re-adds the dinosaurs and fence from the original Dino Danger Pack as separate entities, allowing both the DDP and EA versions of the
entities to co-exist." - Mjmannella

Dino Danger Pack was a premium download minipack for Zoo Tycoon 2, developed by Blue Fang Games and released in July 2006. It could be downloaded for US $4.99 at the Zoo Tycoon 2 website and Oberon Media website. It became unavailable when Extinct Animals was released and overrode its content.

Contains the following animals: Carnotaurus (Version 1), Styracosaurus (Version 1), Triceratops (Version 1), and Tyrannosaurus rex (Version 1).
Contains the following objects: Dinosaur Fence (Version 1)
Since they were unmodified in Extinct Animals, the cycad leaves, dinosaur meat, dino prey dummy, and king sago are not included