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Contains 3 elephants and 2 close relatives from varied biomes, as well as making some adjustments to the vanilla elephants. Created by Colonel Swampert & Mjmannella and released on Apr 6, 2020.

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A pack of new elephants and their relatives for your zoo. With it and the vanilla expansions, there is an elephant for each base game (non-marine) biome. The only exception is Tundra, which is instead covered by the woolly mammoth from The Restorers' Forgotten Animals.

  • Naumann's Elephant (Palaeoloxodon naumanni) - Alpine
  • "A shaggy, extinct elephant that lived in Japan until recently, about 15,000 years ago."
  • Lowland Gomphothere (Notiomastodon platensis) - Desert
  • A distant relative to modern elephants. It was among the last known gomphotheres and one of two South American species, and was the predominant gomphothere on the continent ranging widely over most of South America excluding the high Andes.
  • Asian Straight-Tusked Elephant (Palaeoloxodon namadicus) - Temperate Forest
  • "The largest mammal to ever walk the earth, standing over 5m (17') at the shoulder and weighing over 20 tons. A straight-tusked elephant species (Palaeoloxodon) that lived throughout Southern and Eastern Asia."
  • African Forest Elephant - Tropical Rainforest
  • "My favourite animal of all time. Appearance based on the World of Zoo depiction."
  • Flores Dwarf Stegodon (Stegodon florensis insularis) - Wetlands
  • "A small relative of elephants that lived on the island of Flores, and shrank as a result of insular dwarfism."

With the exception of the lowland gomphothere, standalone versions were released before the pack. They do not have custom meshes, so they are uploaded here mainly for archive purposes. It is recommended to use the combined Version 2 instead.