Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana
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Adds Melaiduma and Mephorash into Eternia Time Attack and Boss Rush including Enhanced Mode start options along with the characters costumes and Laxia's glasses.

Permissions and credits
Love playing as Style Switch Dana and these are my favourite and 3rd fav bosses respectively so I wanted to add them into Eternia Time Attack to have all 3 of my fav bosses. Times can be set for them and Boss Rush includes them in the listed order. Also includes Enhanced Mode starts for them and costumes, all detailed below.

-what the files change

There are a couple options included.
-Enhanced mode start: Changes the Max HP value of Io to 2x the normal amount and Mepho + Mel to ~3.03x then sets their starting HP to their normal value as listed in the journal so that they start at their 'Enhanced Mode' phase (強化モード) immediately.
I couldn't find a way to edit the phase change levels but this workaround suffices. HP values aren't changed in the Journal because I didn't alter their base data, the commands alter their HP during the fight load.
For Mephorash this skips his second phase which is just him spamming his back-plate throw, spin attack, single punch and orb barrage. Now he'll use everything.

-Enhanced Lv2 start:  Sets Io's Max HP to ~3.03x and her start HP to normal so that she initiates her ~33% HP phase right from the start, switching forms more frequently. Mel and Mepho same as above.

-Normal start: the bosses start... as normal. Self explanatory. No HP changes at all.

-TA Only includes a Time Attack mode check so that the HP changes only apply when playing Time Attack
-TA+Story comments out this check so that the HP changes will happen in the story mode as well as Time Attack. For Io this will make her 50% dialogue play immediately after her intial dialogue plays and the 33% immediately after that if using that version. Her Gratika and Luminous phase lines will still play the first time she switches form.

HP values as follows
Io: Set Max: 223,500 for 33% | 147,000 for 50% | starting HP 73,600
Melaiduma: Set Max: 436,400 for 33% | starting HP 144,000
Mephorash: Set Max: 406,100 for 33% | starting HP 134,000

\text\timeatk.csv, \text\en\timeatk.csv & \text\ja\timeatk.csv
All 5 contain the added data/code to include Melaiduma and Mephorash in the Eternia TimeATK list.
system.scp also sets Dana's equipment & level and also contains the lines adding the costumes.

\script\mp6569m.scp \mp6569.scp \6413.scp
Contains the added code to set the bosses Max & starting HP along with the Time Attack mode check. Map files for Io, Melaiduma & Mephorash respectively.

With Mephorash slotting in before Io and Mel after Io, any times you had set for Io will be shown for Mephorash with Io and Mel being without a record. Boss Rush time will remain as whatever you set prior.

-Whilst they still have their normal HP amount, the max HP being set higher will cause their HP bar to appear at the ~49% (half yellow) or ~33% (just into the red) marks depending on file chosen.

-Equipped costumes don't stay equipped when you re-enter the time attack mode from the main menu. Not sure why since gear stays equipped.

-Melaiduma's black hole attack removes the next Dana style in queue from play entirely for the remainder of the fight and will hold the grabbed style in the void so you'll be stuck with just one style until he spits it back out, at which point you'll just have two styles to use. So if you're grabbed as Gratika, you've lost Luminous and will be playing as Water until Gratika is spat out.
After the other style is spat out, they'll just stand in place at the position they landed at. You can still switch freely, the idle style has no AI active, cannot take damage or recieve status ailments and will never be targetted. It can however be pushed around.

-Mephorash's grab attack can insta kill through the 1hp survive item (Luminous Gauntlets). Switching style mid grab voids the damage and removes that style from play like Mel's void.

Edit: Forgot to put this in the included readme. If you've already set times Mephorash will be slotted into Io's position and have her time, Io and Melaiduma will be --:--:-- and Boss Rush will retain the old time and thus probbly unable to be beaten. You'll need to delete your save data for it to track new times.