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Standalone DoD moveset with some default K2 moveset. Complete with leg grab, head grab, and added new heat actions

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Coming from RGG 3,4,5, i just longing for DoD combat style in K2. Sure there's mod for that but i just want DoD above another Kiryu combat style. This DoD is a blend between original DoD as you can see with the mod style switcher (Here) with default K2 kiryu moveset. In this moveset you got all DoD plus the extra from default K2 moveset such as parry, double quickstep, etc

1. Complete DoD moveset combined with default RGG 6/K2 default moveset. Some skills need to be purchased to unlock like in original game.
2. Overhauled skill names, now more represented original DoD without changing the effects.
3. Extreme Heat mode has been changed to reduce damage received (no more extra damage/stripped defense in EX mode) and slightly quicker heat burn to balance the change.
4. Reduced ragdoll effects although enemy might still swinging or thrown far but not as comical as default, at least on par with JE now
5. Added some new Heat Action replacing the original.
6. Reworked some default effects to be more in-line with DoD particle effects (1-2 leftovers, a bit lazy with them)
7. A bit change to coliseum battle text in term of technique names to more represent the game outline also unhook Komaki and Akira Yamaoka combat style, Komaki will use DoD while Akira Yamaoka will use default K2 moveset.

Install with RMM to save yourselves a hassle.

Tools that enabled this:
Fighter Commander by HeartlessSeph
AuthEdit by Jhrino
reARMP by CapitanRetraso

Special thanks to The Great ReLLeRtR#3094 for the original style switcher mod and for helping me figure out the his mod, and inspired me to start modding K2 (checkout his twitter!), and Draxx182#9906 for helping me modding stuff and answering all my silly questions.