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DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO RGG STUDIOS' FILES THEREFORE PRE-RENDERS STILL HAVE FILTERS. THIS MOD DOES NOT TOUCH GAMEPLAY FILTERS (i may or may not add these sometime in the future) (Gameplay filters added, check files!), AND KEEP IN MIND THAT I MAY HAVE MISSED A CUTSCENE FILE SO THEREFORE IT MAY BE FILTERED (please report to me if your cutscene is in-engine and is still filtered)


This mod removes (most) cutscene filters and gameplay filters along with QTEs and Dynamic intros. 

Other great mods I highly recommend using (I personally wouldn't recommend using any other mod):
Yakuza 6 Filter for Kiwami 2 by yanil. (This filter adjusts the colors to better suit the environments and should be the mod used rather than the gameplay filters included with FilterLESS (I have only provided mine for mod creation as it is a neutral color palette))

Filterless Kiwami Edition for Kiwami 1 by Violet. This mod removes all color correction within the maps (and honestly looks really good)

FilterLESS 7 for Yakuza: Like a Dragon by me. (This mod is when I experiment beyond just filters, and while I do think it does suck with colors, is definitely still an improvement from the base game)

FilterLESS for Judgment by SlowpokeVG. (This mod removes the blue post processing done by the game on a shader level (which is really impressive, my props to SlowpokeVG for creating such a fantastic mod))

FilterLESS Battles for Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth by MerkusBerkus. (As it is, Gaiden and LADIW (besides the schizophrenic battle effect) do not require filterless mods as they work in conjunction with the lighting to make the game look even better)

at for creating comparison images for showcase, along with suggestions and also for making the FilterLESS logo
SutandoTsukai181 for RyuModManager
Capitán Retraso for his guidance, and for initially using his tool, HACT EDIT

myself for having the sanity to go through about 4000 cmn.bins