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Replaces Kiryu's DOD moveset with his Y6 moveset.

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Dragon of Dojima DEstoration for Kiwami 1

This mod is a ported version of Emergince's Dragon of Dojima DEstoration mod for Yakuza 0 to Kiwami 1 with a few adjustments.

I have made a few adjustments for easy use in Kiwami 1.
Basically, i've made it a bit stronger than the original version. Finisher will always break guard and Double Finisher will go thru guard but most of combos remain the same. 
L = Light Attack, H = Heavy Attack
L + H = Stun the enemy with gut punch.
The original mod doesn't stun the enemy. So, i've made it easier to stun the enemy instead of dodging back and do heavy attack to stun the enemy or doing Komaki Parry or doing 10 consecutive hits in Rush mode.
L + H + H = Will bounce the enemy into the air with jumping punch. 
I've made Essence of Mad Dog - Whirl easier to perform. No more switching to Beast mode to bounce the enemy or doing 3L + 2H.
L + L + L + H = Will uppercut the enemy. 
The original version will send the enemy flying with Kiryu's powerful uppercut. I've replace it with recoil instead because most of the time, the following double finisher will not land because the enemy is either still in the air or already on the ground.

Installation is very simple. Just drag and drop the "data" folder in media folder where "YakuzaKiwami.exe" is located.

As always, back up the original files first, in case you want to uninstall it.

Credit to SutandoTsukai181's GMT converter, Retraso's 010 Editor Templates for making this possible and Emergince for the original mod.

Link to the original mod for Yakuza 0 : https://www.nexusmods.com/yakuza0/mods/80