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A complete revise of the entire skill tree and progression of Yakuza Kiwami. Dragon Style is balanced for more stages of the game, and made to progress similarly to all the other styles. Majima Everywhere becomes less central to the overall progression, doesn't demand as much involuntary minigame participation.

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Full "changelog" is in the readme. It was hard keeping tabs and categorizing every change I made, but I go over each skill tree and what I did more precisely there.

The entire skill tree was looked over with a fine comb and reworked. Every style is viable by chapter 3- including Dragon and Beast. Dragon Style's very reminiscent of the ps2 Yakuza 1.

Brawler and Dragon Style fixed for early game and general use, both heavily improved in one-on-ones and in general situational awareness to keep up with the enemy design. Beast treated with more leniency in terms of skills offered to it, and Rush's early-game variety is slightly more opened by making a number of its upgrades cheaper.

Overall power ceiling for Kiryu raised in an attempt to give him options to deal with some of the later enemy design. Did it work? ...Kind of, I think!

Heat decrease on damage taken halved to make up for some of the clumsiness of the combat design. Wish I could change the enemies themselves, but that requires access to more of the engine we don't have.

Overall, game's not "easier", the player just has more power to actually do something about the challenges presented to them, and more autonomy in the skill progression. If anything, it's "harder" now because the player can actually respond to the challenges, rather than suffer through boring slugfests that felt designed to shut down all the variety Y0 presented.

Anyway, two things:

Tip one: keep an eye on that new skill tree, a lot's changed, and each style gets some very important early tools to help define it better.

Tip two: bring elemental/status weapons to the final encounter. By which, I mean the penultimate boss. I assume you'll have maxed Beast Style by then. It'll be a lot funner, trust me. Wish I'd recorded a run of that fight in testing.

Hope you enjoy the mod! Hit me up on the Yakuza Modding Discord or here if you spot any bugs or misbehaving.

If you think a skill in the skill tree is mislabeled, (wrong style icons etc.) do let me know... but, the typesetting is mostly fully intentional, even if it kind of slips out of bounds of some of the boxes. They made the skill descriptions really tiny in this game- and when you have to double some of them up, it gets tight.



With the downloaded boot.par, you're gonna go to this folder.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Yakuza Kiwami\media\data\bootpar

Replace the boot.par there. Remember to backup the original, both if you wanna make comparisons, or if you think something's gonna explode. Never hurts.