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Adds a variety of new abilities and upgrades for all fighting styles. Makes numerous gameplay adjustments to make combat faster paced, more evenly balanced, and more technical.

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Install using Ryu Mod Manager. Instructions on how to set it up can be found in the link.

Only compatible with English language setting.

Some key features are:
  • New active abilities for every style.
  • Various tweaks to existing moves and abilities
  • New Perfect Style Switching mechanic that lets you cancel out of finishers and certain other attacks (similar to Quick-Change Clothes from 0).
  • Increased overall EXP gain from food and defeating enemies.
  • Boss healing phases are replaced with Mortal Attacks, inspired by Judgment.
  • Greatly improved enemy juggling, allowing you string together lengthy and damaging combos.
  • Changed conditions for several Heat Actions.
  • Added Perfect Guard mechanic that lets you dodge out of your block animation.
  • Abilities for Dragon style can be purchased in any order with EXP, as an alternative to obtaining them through Majima Everywhere.

Known Issues
At the start of a fight, you will be unable to attack for a certain amount of time. If you have fast hardware, this may only take a few seconds, but for slower machines, the wait time becomes even longer. You can try to work around this by pausing the game and waiting, or equipping a weapon from your inventory. Unfortunately, this is a common issue with mods that add new moves. You can download repacked motion pars from Optional Files, which may improve load times.

Some specific weapon heat actions (syringe, kettle, etc.) can't be activated. This is currently a problem with repacking hact.chp using Fighter Commander, which apparently breaks some heat action conditions.

Buying Dragon abilities with EXP may break certain Majima Everywhere events, preventing you from encountering them. This can also prevent you from starting the last event that takes place at the batting center.