Yakuza 6: The Song of Life
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Bring back Kiryu's classic style ported from Yakuza 5!

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For those who aren't fans of Kiryu's new style in the Dragon Engine, this mod brings back the classic Dragon of Dojima experience from other Yakuza games. With the majority of his moveset data ported from Yakuza 5, the moveset should be mostly accurate in terms of how it feels to use.

This is a work-in-progress mod, however most of Kiryu's base moveset is complete and should function fine. However there are some caveats to using the mod which are listed below:

• Double and Triple Quickstep are removed in this mod to allow for the return of the Dharma Tumbler. If you already have those skills unlocked on your file, that's fine! You'll just have more than one quickstep prior to performing the Dharma Tumbler.

• Stamina is completely removed in this mod and those upgrades are used for new upgrades specific to this mod. If you already unlocked the Stamina upgrades, you'll see the new abilities are unlocked when using this mod.

• Due to some files that are changed, this mod may be incompatible with mods like the Kiryu Must Die mod. I will work on compatibility with other mods in the future.

Planned changes for the future are more accurate effect timings and audio timings along with a fully functioning Dragon's Rage, ported straight from Yakuza 5! For those who have seen my Dragon's Rage showcases, I apologize but it is not included in this release. Let me know if there are any issues with the mod that need to be fixed and I will attempt to fix it ASAP.

•Kaplas for his PAR Manager
•Retraso for reARMP

•Huge thanks to ChuckP for the bep files for the finishing throws. It saved me a ton of time in working on them.