Yakuza 6: The Song of Life
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Brings new balancing for a challenging & enjoyable experience.

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I've implemented a few changes into the game in an attempt to overhaul its difficulty.
Can you keep Kiryu alive in this cruel and unforgiving world of Yakuza?

Version 1.1 - Kiryu's attack power reverted to vanilla to make battles flow smoother.
Kiryu is out of shape and needs to train:
The biggest complaints about difficulty come from Kiryu being OP...

- Starting stats have been reduced by half: Attack, Defense, Agility and Heat

- Base health has been reduced by half

- Base heat orbs reduced to 1 (from 3)

- Sprinting stamina reduced BUT jogging lasts forever (lightly press stick while sprinting)

The Dragon of Dojima doesn't need training wheels:
I just started the game, why am I receiving all these boosts?

- Removed the ridiculous 100,000 cash boost when starting a new game

- Removed Morning Glory starting item's stat boosts, retain special effects

Misc changes:
Rush combos not bouncing, ground stuns and EXP Buff boosts help ease combat woes

- Included dodolodo's No more hit bounce on block (rush combo only)

- Included dodolodo's Ground stuns outside ExHeat 

- "Gain more EXP" items buffed by 5-10% to ease grinding

- Hard and Legend difficulties slightly enhanced

- Re-worded menus: includes Majima, Kiryu, Nishiki and Rikiya difficulty modes

In Summary:
Yakuza 6 should now challenge the player in ways that keeps them thinking and on their toes.

Kiryu is a human being. When he is outnumbered, he must tactically assess how to separate his opponents and reduce their numbers. Kiryu must also use more caution when handling bosses.

Take your time when using this mod. You're weak for a reason, don't grind ad nauseuam until you start to hate the game just to rise above the difficulty curve.

The same goes for sprinting everywhere. Jogging stamina is unlimited, why sprint until you run out of breath 10 TIMES IN A ROW? Just lightly press stick while sprinting to jog.

Install by dragging and dropping folder in Yakuza 6 steam directory.
Reminder: Controller sensitivity in the options menu affects jogging sensitivity.