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Yakuza Kiwami 4 is a small moveset mod that brings the Dragon Engine fighting style seen in Yakuza 6 and Yakuza Kiwami 2, into Yakuza 4. Completely re-experience the power of the Dragon of Dojima with his newer moveset.

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Yakuza Kiwami 4

This mod overhauls Kiryu's style completely, to mimic his Dragon Engine style, you know the one, the inferior DoD style.
I made it my goal to replicate the feel of the Dragon Engine moveset as much as possible in the older engine.

Kiryu's entire moveset is now comprised of his Yakuza 6 moves. All with the feel they had in Yakuza 6, for the most part, due to the limits of the style of combat in Yakuza 4, not every move effect could be replicated the same way, as such have seen tweaks to fit the Yakuza 4 combat engine.

Akiyama sees his combos hastened, allowing for much faster destruction, as well as the ability to sway attack out of his double sway, previously something you couldn't do and was only seen available in Kiryu's rush style / Majima's Thug Style from Yakuza 0 onwards. Akiyama also his host to 2 new sway attacks, replacing his back and forward sway attacks.

Tanimura is host to the same combo speed upgrades, as well as having one of his finishing blows gain hyperarmour, making the move actually useful, if you're used to Tanimura, you know the finishing blow. Tanimura also sees a vastly new spear moveset, more akin to Lau Ka Long in style, it's far more useful than Tanimura's base moveset with a spear, that's for sure.

Saejima, the big beefy boi once again sees his combos get some extra speed much like everyone else, he also has certain moves powered up. His first elbow finisher now feels a bit meatier with the knockdown it applies. His frontal kick too now catches foes in the gut, grounding them. His guard knockback, is more powerful than Kiryu's this will push an enemy back with more force, giving Saejima more breathing room.

This mod was made using Retraso's CRAP tool for Yakuza 3 and 4, which allows the editing of the property.bin, was an essential tool in making this, should be available to you in the YMC.
As well as using Sutando's GMT converter tool which was equally as essential in backporting Y6 anims to Y4, his tool is publicly available to download on his Github.

Very simple, you take the motion folder from the zip, you put it in the data folder, where the motion folder is for Yakuza 4. It's that simple.
You backup your files in advance, I know, I know, basic stuff, but some of you really are that stupid so.... lol

If I see anyone ask for the textures in the video and screenshots, I'll just ignore you, then find your house and set it on fire, they aren't available, they aren't part of any mod that is coming out from me. So don't ask. This is a moveset mod only.

Lastly, just enjoy the bloody mod would you, it's just some stupid fun alright, go have fun in beating more people senseless in the streets of Kamurocho.