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Replaces the standard low resolution text in the game with higher resolution text using the same font.

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-This mod is a replacement for the lower resolution text that the game normally uses with high res text. The original text scales well to 1080p screens, but looks a tad blurry at 4K. The text is now 4x the original resolution (400%), scaling to 4K displays.

(Uses upscaled text from the remastered collection, plus a few minor edits.
These edits include:
-Edited apostrophes and semicolons to look like the comma. Looks more accurate to the original low res font, and in my opinion just looks a lot less goofy.
-Edited the bottom of the lowercase "g" to make it not look like it's being cut off at the bottom.
-Fixed percentage character in the special characters section towards the bottom half of the texture. For some reason, looked really blurry to begin with even though there is a percentage character at the top that doesn't look like that, and upscaling just made it look even soupier. So I just used the percentage character from the top of the texture and now looks it fine.)

(Admittedly, the text in the remastered collection isn't NEARLY as bad as 0, Kiwami, and Kiwami 2, so the gains in detail here aren't NEARLY as apparent. But yknow what, you're spending so much time looking at text in these games, I figure it should look as nice as possible. Plus I already had the mod made for those 3 games, so I figured why not just upload the mod for the remastered collection too(Also for the apostrophes, for some reason I really dislike the apostrophes they used for these remastered collection. I don't know why it looks so much different from the lower res one).)