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Mod manager for Yakuza series (Ryu Ga Gotoku) PC games.

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Mod manager for Yakuza series PC games. Supports the Steam versions of all Yakuza games on PC. Please check the Supported Games list before using.

Allows loading mods from a mods folder inside the game's directory. Mods do not have to contain repacked PAR archives, as Ryu Mod Manager can load loose files from the mod folder. Repacking is needed only for some PAR archives, not all. Ryu Mod Manager will repack PARs automatically when necessary.


Unpack the latest file from the downloads into the game's directory, in the same folder as the game's executable.


A command line interface is available, as well as a simple GUI. For better operation, using an external mod manager (such as Vortex or Mod Organizer) is recommended. Ryu Mod Manager needs to be installed as well. Please check the Yakuza Support Plugins repository for more info.

For actual usage, check the Installing Mods and Creating A New Mod articles in the wiki.

To run the program, just launch it with no arguments and it will generate an MLO file to be used by Parless, the Yakuza mod loader.
All of the mod manager downloads include Parless and all necessary files for usage, so no need to download Parless separately.


Thanks to Kaplas for ParLibrary, which is used for repacking pars.
Thanks to Pleonex for Yarhl.
Thanks to Kent for providing the icon.
For the mod loader credits, please check the YakuzaParless repository.