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Gives Kiryu\Majima as a follower for Sotenbori\Kamurocho.
Now you can hangout with Kiryu\Majima in Sotenbori\Kamurocho!

Permissions and credits
Little note : This mod dosen't work with cracked versions. This mod changes the .exe file of the game and requires Ryu Mod Manager to install it. If you cannot use the Ryu Mod Manager, you cannot use this mod.

Information about the mod.

Because this mod affect a file which is important for the storyline, I recommend using it if you're playing Premium Adventure. But you can do whatever you want!
You can change Kiryu's model by swapping mesh.par in \mods\Kiryu and Majima dating simulator\chara\w64\adv\c_cm_kiryu_follow. I had to add a new model because of technical issues.
You can also change Majima's model by swapping mesh.par in \mods\Kiryu and Majima dating simulator\chara\w64\adv\c_cm_majima_follow. If you want to delete Majima's ponytail (if you're want to use a mod for Majima which is not using ponytail), just follow the instructions in chara\w64\accessory\IF YOU WANT TO DELETE PONYTAIL
Kiryu\ Majima only will follow you on the streets of SotenboriKamurocho. They can't enter any buildings or leave Sotenbori (literally 1984).
You don't need to edit your save files. They doesn't replace any of the existing followers.
Sometimes, after beating goons in a random encounter, one of the goons may be replaced with KiryuMajima. This is a visual bug and doesn't affect anything else.

How to install?
1) Copy files from rar to \Yakuza 0\media

2) Install Ryu Mod Manager and then enable mod using it
(Guide for Ryu Mod Manager https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FwmVtbWsc6Pf_cnBTYfdl2SIm5xe8_3TPRp3eHFDKkc/edit )

3) You're done.