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Adds new moves to the different styles in the game

Permissions and credits
Made using the following tools:
HeartlessSeph's fighter_commander (https://github.com/HeartlessSeph/FighterCommander/releases)
010Editor with HeartlessSeph's custom table for editing property.bin
SutandoTsukai181's gmt converter
Draxx182's Landlord tool (for editing property.bin and adding new animation files)

The main aim of this mod is to extend the amount of moves available to the player using animations from other Yakuza games.

In the first place, it changes Brawler style to a blend of different karate styles: the main combo and finishers from Ishin, and other light and heavy attacks from bosses such as Joji Kazama, Sugiuchi, and Iwami. The mod uses HeartlessSeph's FighterCommander tool to allow directional light and heavy attacks, as well as throws, sync counters, counter stance, standing evades, and leg grab.

The mod also adds a few new moves to Rush and Legend style, such as light sidestep combos for the former and quickstep attacks and a running light attack for the latter, as well as restoring the Yakuza 5 wall throw to both brawler, legend and beast. Included in the mod are also minor ability changes like more lenient heat gear requirement for certain attacks and the dharma tumbler for brawler and legend style. Finally, the mod also replaces the knockdown animations with those of the old ps3 titles (Y3-4). If you don't like that last feature, just delete the "BattleCommon" and "BattleStart" folders in the mod's "motion_w64" folder, then rebuild by running the mod manager.

For Majima, his mad dog style gets a major overhaul by adding all of his moves from yakuza 3 to 5. His Thug style also get a few new moves, but it's still a work in progress.

Ryu Mod Manager Installation:
1) Get the latest version of the Ryu Mod Manager (https://github.com/SutandoTsukai181/RyuModManager/releases/tag/v1.1) and follow the install instructions (just copy paste really, very user friendly)
2) Unpack the zip file in the mod folder located in the install directory (you need to crrate it if you haven't already)
3) Add the name of the mod (same as the folder) to ModLoadOrder.txt
4) Execute RyuModManagerCLI.exe in order to add the files to the mod manager
*When updating the mod you need to run "RyuModManagerCLI.exe" again or it won't recognize the new files.

Known Problems:
-When switching to a different style mid battle, modded moves won't work on the first button press
-Styles using non native animations will take a few seconds to load at the start of a battle, leaving you 0nly able to move, dodge and block.

MOVE LIST (New moves only)


□ Jab> □ Rear Bodyblow> □ Lead Knifehand> □ Reverse Punch> △ Step Backfist
                                                                           > △ Rear Uppercut
                                          > △ Kneeling Punch
          > △ Overhead hammer strike
R1+→□ Lead Bodyblow> □ Low Reverse Punch
R1+↓↑□ Knee Strike> □ Low Reverse Punch
R1+←□ Rear Roundhouse> □ Rear Roundhouse> □ Rear Roundhouse> △ Full Roundhouse
                                                                                  > △ Full Roundhouse
                                              > △ Full Roundhouse
△ Snap Punch
R1+→△ Iwami's Double Side Punch
R1+↓↑△ Jumping Spin Hook Kick
R1+←△ Sugiuchi's Rear Axe Kick
R1+◯  (When enemy attacks) Legend Sync Counter
R1+△  (When enemy attacks) Iron Fist Counter
(Hold) △ Two-level Double Punch
△(No lock-on) Kenzan Reverse Punch> △ Stepping Reverse Punch> △ Brazilian Round Kick
□ (While Running) Double Jumping Front Kick> □ Heel Sweep Kick
⃝ (Near a Fallen Enemy's legs) Leg Grab> ⃝ Leg Smash
                                                                     > △ Kick
⃝ (Near a Fallen Enemy's Head) Shoulder Lift
L1 Block> △ (After Blocking an Attack) Backfist> △ Front Kick and Side Punch
L1+◯ Counter Stance> (When enemy attacks) Armlock> □ Arm Break
                                                                                               > ◯ Aikido Throw
                                                                                               > △ Spinning Heel Kick
L1+△ Komaki Dashing Elbow
L1+□ Dragon Wing formation Startup Punch> □ (On Hit) Punch Barrage (Repeat Indefinitely)> △ Overhand Punch> (Hold) △ Slam throw
                                                                                                                                                                                                 > (Hold) △ Spin throw (thrid gear)
L1+X Mine's Standing Evades
Front Grab> ◯ Sugiuchi's Throw (Front)
                  > ←◯ Seoi Otoshi
                  > →◯  Kazama's Osoto Gari and follow up punch
                  > (Near a Wall) ◯ Wall Throw
                  > △ Kashiwagi's Punch to Seoi Nage
Rear Grab> ◯ Sugiuchi's Throw (Back)
                 > ←◯ Sera's elbow and back kick combo
                 > →◯ Mine's Kata Guruma and follow up punch
                 > (Near a Wall) ◯ Wall Throw
                 > △ Kazama's Spinning Elbow to Knifehand


R1+→□ Jab> □ Cross> □ Shovel Hook> □ Low Overhand
                                     > △ Lead Uppercut
R1+↓↑□ Double Jab> Low Right Cross
R1+←□ Rear Hook> □ Lead Uppercut
R1+→△ Short Lead Uppercut to Overhand
□ (While Running) Jumping Front Kick> □ Flying Front Kick> □ Jumping Axe Kick
△ (While Running) Rear Uppercut (can be charged)
□ (During Left/Right Quickstep) Hopping Side Kick> □ Round Kick> □ Hook Kick> △ Full Rear Roundhouse
△ (During Right Quickstep) Round Kick> Axe Kick
△ (During Left Quickstep) Triple Round Kick> Spinning Hook Kick
L1+□  Jab Flurry (Unused Y6 move)
L1+△ Uppercut> Bodyblow Flurry
L1+◯ Han Joon Gi's taunt command grab
R1+X+Analog weave> △ Yahata's Quick punches> △ Overhand Punch (Chargeable)


*Vanilla Finishers can now be charged like in Kiwami
R1+→□ Yakuza 6 rush combo
R1+←□ Brawler rush combo
R1+→△ Cross Punch
R1+↓↑△ Jumping Spin Side Kick
R1+←△ Rear Axe Kick
R1+◯  (When enemy attacks) Komaki Flowing Catch
R1+△  (When enemy attacks) Tiger Drop
L1> △ (After Blocking an Attack) Komaki Parry
(Hold) △ Charged Kick
(Hold longer) △ Lotus Palm Strike
△ (During Quickstep) Restored Sway Attacks
L1+◯ Counter Stance> (When enemy attacks) Daigo Counter Throw
L1+△ Mount ground and pound> ◯ Finisher
L1+□ Extreme Heat Haymakers (Repeat Indefinitely)
L1+X Mine's Standing Evades
◯ (While Running) Meteor Tackle> □ Shove
                                                          > ◯ Throw
                                                          > △ Shinada Over the shoulder throw
                                                          > (Close to a Wall) Wall Crash
□  (While Running) Running Knee Strike
△ (No lock-on) Front Kick> △ Wild Hook> △ Dropkick


R1+→□ Combo 1
R1+↓□ Combo 2
R1+↑□ Combo 3
R1+←□ Combo 4
R1+→△ Stepping Overhand
R1+←△ Spinning Heel Kick (now with knockdown)
□  (While Running) Combo 5
L1 Block> △ (After Blocking an Attack) Counter Front Kick
L1+◯ Spin2win (requires thord gear)
L1+(←/→) △ Acrobatic slash
L1+□ Spinning slash (Repeat Indefinitely)


R1+→□ Tanimura main combo
R1+←□ Sober Minami Main combo
R1+→△ Front Somersault Kick
R1+←△ Back Somersault Kick
◯ (While Running) Tornado DDT
△ (While Running) Jumping Spin back kick (old carwheel attack has been changed to run+□ )
L1+X Mine's Standing Evades
L1+◯ Front Somersault grab> Frankensteiner
L1+□ Kido's Rage (with Invincibility)> □ Rage Combo
(Near a Wall) Wall Jump> > □ Superman Punch
                                             > ◯  Hurricanrana
                                            > △ Acrobatic Kick
(Running towards an enemy) Leapfrog> □ Spin Backfist
                                                                  > ◯  Tomoe Nage (Broken for now)
                                                                  > △ Spin Axe Kick


R1+←□ Saigo Combo 1
R1+→△ Heavy Haymaker
R1+←△ Saigo Spín Backfist
L1+△ Running Charge Grab> (After hit) Saigo's Air Smash


□ Down Slash> □ Side slash> □ Vertical Slash> □ Upward slash> △ Heavy Down Slash
                                                                                                           >  (Hold) △ Double Slash>  (Hold) △ Spin Jumping Slash
                                                                           > △ 1-Handed Slash
                                                                           >  (Hold) △ Jumping Smash
                                          > △ Thrust
                                          >  (Hold) △ 1-Handed Thrust> Ground Pin (Sync)
                        > △ Spin slash
                        > (Hold) △ Jumping Spin Slash 
R1+→△ Kenzan Upward slash
R1+←△ Kenzan Dodging slash (has i-frames)
△ Weak Stab
(Hold) △ 1-Handed Thrust> Impaling Throw (Sync)
◯ Guard Break
△ (While Running) Double Spinning Slash
R1+△ (When about to be struck) Dashing Slash Counter
L1+△ Shinsengumi SP stance> →△ Triple Thrust
                                                   >←△ Double Slash
                                                   > △ Lunging Thrust 
L1+△ (After Blocking an attack) Pommel Strike
(Hold) L1+↓ Iaido Stance (requires heat)> (on release) Iaido quickdraw> □ Trust/Slash (repeatable)
                                                                                                                        > ◯ Double Spinning Slash


□ Thrust> □ Spin Thrust> □ Spin Slash
R1+→□ Thrust> □ Spin Thrust> □ Spin Up Slash> □ 2H thrust
R1+←□ Thrust>  □ Double Slash> □ Up Slash
R1+→△ Charging Side Slash
R1+←△ Vertical Slash
△ Stapping Stab
◯ Triple Spinning slash
△ (During Right/Left/Front) Stab and Spinning Slash
△ (During Backstep) Dashing Thrust
L1+△ Shinsengumi SP stance> →△ Triple Thrust
                                                   >←△ Flurry Attack
                                                   > △ Lunging Thrust 
L1+△ (After Blocking an attack) Thrust to Stepping Up Slash
(Hold) L1+↓ Kondo Defensive Stance> □ Double Slash to Thrust
                                                               > △ Dashing Backfist to Overhead Slash
L1+◯ Running Impale and Throw (Sync)
L1+R2 "Come at me bro" Taunt to Overhead slash> (if enemy attacks) Counter Throw (Sync)



-Fixed brawler attacks not registering in the tutorial, impeding progreess
-Fixed the vanilla input lag on the quickstep attack timing
-Fixed the standing evades triggering a quickstep
-Added new moves to rush, legend and thug styles
-Changed the kickboxer enemy's punch combo to his old ps3 ones
-Boxer enemy's 3-hit combo (ugh) no longer causes knockdown
-Various minor balance fixes


-Fixed heat loss on the back square brawler attack
-Added several new moves to Rush style (sway attacks, double quickstep heavy attacks, circle command grab, directional attacks)
-Added several new moves to Thug style (wall run, leapfrog, special combo)
-Added several new moves to Thug style (triangle command grab, directional attacks)
-various minor fixes
-Slightly Increased i-frames of the rush weave evasions


-Fixed miassing strafe animation for Legend style
-Added Ishin Sword stance to Kiryu's Sword moveset
-Added New moves to Kiryu's and Majima's sword movesets


-Added new moves to the base Majima Sword style