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A Complete Overhaul of the Combat in Yakuza 0, bringing Heat Actions, Movesets and QTEs from the Judgement Series plus more stuff from Dragon Engine games

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The main features include:
- Replaced most of Majima's old Styles movesets, Heat Actions, replacing them with ones used by Yagami from Judge Eyes/ Lost Judgment, Slugger is now a hybrid between the bat moveset and Snake you still have the regular combos with the bat, but by holding any direction button and attack it will perform the Snake combos
- Replaced and changed some of Kiryu's Heat Actions, movesets similar to Kaito's from the Kaito Files DLC in Lost Judgment
- Each Style now has an Ex-boost mode after buying the Power Surge 2 Upgrade (activate with L2 + R2 in heat mode) similar to the Dragon Engine games (excluding Mad Dog of Shimano)
- Major overhaul to the combat balance, adding additional knockdown effects and animations (including juggling)
- Most of Bosses movesets now have better particles and effects, some have been replaced with movesets ported from the Dragon Engine games
- Added a Katana moveset to Majima and the Gun moveset received more Heat Actions from Like A Dragon Ishin
- Dragon of Dojima's Ex-boost mode now allows Kiryu to use his Dragon Engine version of DOD while Mad Dog of Shimano received minor tweaks
- Replaced most of the QTEs in the game with QTEs from Dragon Engine games, some have received better lighting effects and others rebalanced
- Added Dynamic Intros to most of the Main Story fights, and bosses, some fights (including Climax Battles )now have additional QTEs
- It is NOT compatible with any other moveset mod, hact mod, UI, music, boot.par mod is gud
- DO NOT switch to any style until you can attack during the start of random encounters or the game would soft-lock (unless your pc is really good)