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Coming Soon: XCOM 2 Nexus, New File Uploading Functionality.

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I still play XCOM: Enemy Unknown and despite it’s age, it still feels fresh to me thanks to thoughtful design and mechanics, classic sci-fi setting, white-knuckle tactical action, and of course mind blowing mods like XCOM:Long War.

2K has apparently done it again! XCOM 2 has been in the hands of reviewers and word on the street is nothing but praise. It seems they’ve taken the beloved formula of mixing global decisions with explosive tactical action to new heights that include procedural environments, stealth mechanics, and so much more.

This time around the folks at 2K really seem to have kept us modders in mind throughout the development process as the new title has been designed to be extremely moddable. This isn’t hyperbole, either. In fact, they’ve teamed up with our friends at Long War Studios (who, by the way, have begun work on their own game), to offer fully functional mods day-one. See their announcement here: https://xcom.com/news/en-long-war-studios-preparing-three-xcom-2-mods-for-launch

Needless to say, we’re super-excited! We’re prepping a new XCOM 2 Nexus Site to discuss and share your creations that will launch soon. Likely shortly after the game is released, Friday.

In other news...


This likely doesn’t affect many, but some of you may remember. Long ago, we relied on a webserver plugin to help manage large file uploads. We don't know exactly when this plugin stopped working on our servers, but we believe that it hasn't be functional for quite some time. As a result, several mod authors who've wanted to upload very large files have been struggling.

To put it bluntly, at the moment we cannot guarantee files that are ~2GB or larger in size will successfully complete the upload process. This can result in uploads never finishing or files not appearing after what seems like a successful upload. Even if the website does report that the file has been successfully transferred there is still a chance that the file is corrupt. You can usually confirm this if there is any discrepancy between file sizes.

I know. Annoying, right! So, we’ve started some research to resolve this issue in earnest. We hope to A) get a solution in place quickly, and B) provide more flexibility for large downloads. We’re not sure whether we’ll custom build a solution or implement an existing package, but know that we’re looking to fix this problem sooner rather than later. I’ll keep you updated.

For the time being, as a temporary work-around, Paul (our lovely Director of Content) has graciously offered to “hand-deliver” any large files (~2GB+) that need to be uploaded. There will be some logistics that’ll need to be worked out, such as delivery methods, descriptions, categories and such. However, by providing him with your file, he’ll be able to inject it into the site without issue. He can be reached as BlindJudge on the forums or [email protected]. Thanks, Paul!


Phew. Now that that’s out of the way, I can get back to preparing for XCOM 2 by authorizing the “interrogation” of a particularly pesky Muton in my latest ironman run in Long War. Wish me luck! ;)


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  1. Thandal
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    So where's the nexus page?

    Appeared as soon as someone uploaded a legitimate mod for the game.
    Do you mean here?  Or here?  Or maybe here
  2. ArsenicTouch
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    So where's the nexus page? :p
  3. DAOWAce
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    The new XCOM was terrible. Long War saved it, but it still had tons of flaws.

    XCOM2 looks like the game the new XCOM should've been. Still has flaws and design decisions I don't like (2 move system, no inventory, simplistic base building which is even more simplified than the original), but it looks like it will now actually be a good game without mods.

    And, they finally embraced modding I hear, so the game should become even better over time.
    1. Darkarhon
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      XCOM2 is awesome BUT!

      The timers make the game less Tactical and more Run and Gun.
    2. oliverofoxenfurt
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  4. Groogo
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    The Long War mod saved the last X-COM from one play and done.
    1. TommInfinite
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      Actually I didn't quite like the Long War.Yes, it makes bigger room for tactics but I didn't like the pace. You have far more missions to complete (if you want your soldier to keep up with the aliens) and the game becomes routine. In vanilla XCOM I anticipated another UFO landing. Now I say "Oh, not again". But I loved changes in gameplay and new type of weapons - with Long War you need to really think ahead on what items to give your soldiers before the mission.
    2. whismerhill
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      that's why there was "not so long war" later replaced by "dynamic war"

      + the extensive commenting in the ini files to help finetune long war to each one's taste
  5. thepaulinator1961
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    All I can say is "YES" !!! Love X-Com to the nth degree. I have just book marked the home page for "X-Com 2" and have no doubt that the X-Com Nexus will be nothing short of SUPERB !!! i CAN'T WAIT !!!
  6. Moksha8088
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    About time. So many players have mentioned this in the mod forums and a heap of suggestions have been made to switch to Mod Organizer when dealing with large Skyrim downloads. Perhaps this was a mistaken suggestion if the culprit all along was a dysfunctional server file. The mod Interesting NCPs by Kris Takahashi could certainly benefit from having a working download. It sort of defeats the purpose of Nexus being the foremost mod repository when torrents become the most reliable method of downloading.

    Better late than never, so thank you on behalf of mod users.
  7. akira4282
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  8. TommInfinite
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    Also preload just started! So Hyped!!
  9. Neovalen
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    Excellent news.
  10. tony971
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    Oh good. I thought I was going crazy about uploading not working.