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Adds manual commands to owned ships, for example Hold Position and Follow Me.
Now featuring Abort Trade Command.

Permissions and credits
Please see the updated version here: http://www.nexusmods.com/xrebirth/mods/357/

---------- Manual Command Extension (MCE) ----------
The Manual Command Extension is a mod designed to give you control over basic ship commands that were missing from the games release.

To give a command to a ship, first you must add it to your squad.
When a ship is in your squad and you comm it (default key C, also accessible via property menu), select "New Order" and then select "Manual Commands" (2-4)

To Install, Download the Zip and extract the folder to your /X Rebirth/extensions directory. Please read the below header in red!

To uninstall, Delete the MCE folder and then modify your savegame in My Documents/X Rebirth/<RandomNumbers>/Save, open your save and then delete the line referencing MCE in your <patches></patches> section
---------- Words of Caution ----------
These commands are powerful and experimental, please use your best judgement when dealing with them - for example if you have just told a ship to dock at a shipyard for refit, don't go and use any of the MCE commands, you could create potentially disastrous scenarios and deadlock your ship into doing nothing, as well as loosing the credits you just spent!

When a ship is doing a trade run, the MCE, for your own safety, Will not accept any input - Interrupting Trade scripts is not possible at this time, however trade cancel commands are planned for the future when i figure out a way to do them safely :)

Again, use your common sense!

Currently Implemented Commands:

Hold Position
Instruct the ship to stop moving and hold in its current location.

Follow Me
Instruct the ship to resume following you (after you told it to hold position)

Move to My Position
Instructs the ship to move to your current position and then hold. This is designed for capital ships so that you are able to move them rather then them simply sitting where they came out of jump

Refuel Jumpdrive
Instructs the ship to replenish its jumpfuel at the nearest friendly Energy Cell Recharging Station.

Escort Me
Instructs the ship to follow you in full combat readiness mode, note that currently this command may not work due to problems with the stock escort script.

Patrol Zone...
Instructs the ship to patrol a selected zone for hostile forces.

Move To Zone...
Instructs the ship to move to the zone you select, and then holds position on arrival..

Abort Trades!
Abort all outstanding trades for this ship, and return any reserved credits!

Commands On the Drawing Board for the Future:
Fly To Sector / Zone
Recall Drones
Escort ... - Escort another ship, for example trader.

-----------------------------------Release History-------------------------------
V0.01 - Initial Release
Added Commands "Hold Position", "Follow Me", "Move to My Location"
Compatibility with Egosoft Patch v1.13
Fixed the command menu not appearing on constructor ships
Fixed readtext errors on non-english games
Added Command "Refuel Jumpdrive"
Added Command "Escort Me" - Note that it may not work due to glitches in the stock escort script
Added Command "Patrol Zone"
Compatibility with Egosoft Patch v1.15
Added French Translation Courtesy of "TheRealBix"
Fixed ReadText Errors on Russian (LangID 07) games
Added Command "Move To..." - Select a sector to move to
Fixed a glitch preventing the ship from stopping after issuing the escort command
Added notifications to all commands of order acceptance
Added notifications to Refuel & Move commands of order completion
Added Abort Trades Command
Modified Patrol Zone Command to use Map Selection for sector
Compatibility with egosoft patch 1.16
Compatibly with Egosoft Patch 1.17
Added German Translation courtesy of BanTier.
Added Russian Translation courtesy of t13link.
Fixed the Escort Me command, it will now engage and follow - all credit to Mad_Joker for the code.