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My collection of patches to play X Rebirth VR with New Frontier and additional systems mods

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Sadly there are problems when trying to play NF (new Frontier) in VR. Some things are working, some not.
On top of that all user created systems are just not working in VR version of the game.

Here come these patches I created to alleviate these problems.

The names of downloads are quite self explanatory, I hope. Mainly removing errors and ensuring mods are working as intended together with New Frontier or/and VR game.

But mod "Restore Turrets" needs a bit explanation...
VR version of game came out with deleted turrets on stations and ships.
This mod aims to restore VR version's difficulty to that of an original game.
Mainly cause other mods, that were made for original game, produce error logs as they fail to find stuff.
To install this mod, you need to copy files you want into your "extensions/ego_vr" folder
Rename files if needed to avoid conflict with other mods, also requiring to copy their files to this location.
This mod has four possible combinations: ( 2  |  3  |  2+3  |  4)
ext_02  restores ship's and few station's turrets to what NewFrontier (NF) mod expects them to be.(removes errors when playing with only NF mod)
ext_03  only restores structure's and station's turrets - if you think original games ships are too powerfull for you to encounter, and you prefer weak VR game ships, while raising a bit stations defences. (If other mods you later add have ships build from scratch - they will be OP to vanilla ships)
you can install either both ext_02 and ext_03, or one of them

ext_04 goes all the way to restore every turret deleted in VR version (my preferable option). On hardest difficulty setting the game is no more a casual stroll in the park, be warned.