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This mod replaces most textures of stations, ships, characters and interiors (The player ship included) with upscaled versions of them.

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- I recommend an Nvidia GTX 1070 or an equivalent AMD product.

I put the textures in the first game file and replaced the vanilla textures to avoid conflicts with other mods. So mods that edit these
files will simply overwrite them. So everything should be fine.

The mod must be installed manually because Vortex has problems installing X Rebirth texture mods.
Just unzip the mod file in the game directory (where the XRebirth.exe is located) and confirm that the files should be replaced. Then the mod should
be installed (I recommend to save the two original files somewhere that will be
replaced 01.cat, 01.dat).

Just overwrite the files I modified with the two original files you backed up or run a file integrity check with Steam.

If you also want to have better background textures I can highly recommend the mods from ICOhr: