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This mod adds 6 more capital ships to X-Rebirth which can be purchased at the shipyard or optionally spawned at gamestart. The files come separately so you can choose which you like and which you don't. The Arawn CT, the Halmekron, the Lyranea CT, the Lyranea XXL, the Scaldis CT and the Mandorel. The AI will also construct and use them.

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The ships:


Alongside the massive Titurel armed transport, the Mandorel was designed by the same company. Indeed, the Mandorel was designed as a prospector vessel for geological survey missions. The ship would be the vanguard of a mining fleet and probe asteroid fields to find out if their yield would warrant the dispatch of a large, bulky and most of all slow mining rig. With its drone bay complement of 30 URV's it can function in a number of roles: rescue, salvage, survey and small transport operations. This ship is easy to modify and upgrade and rarely seen its stock factory configuration. It comes as no surprise that pirates adopted these vessels for boarding and pillaging operations and were quick to adapt the virtues of the Mandorel for more nefarious dealings.

Scaldis CT:

The Scaldis CT (short for Combat Transport) is a wartime overhaul of the popular Scaldis freighter. A joint effort between The Republic of Cantera and the Heart of Albion this freighter is now an extremely well armed and armored ship. Re-designed from the ground up she posses a re-enforced hull, more powerful shielding and engines, as well as an impressive weapons arsenal. The only two real drawbacks of this ship are its premium price and the limited cargo space due to the mandatory hull reinforcements and installation of the weapon systems.

Lyranea XXL:

The Lyranea XXL is the larger version of the popular Lyranea in use by trading factions in Omicron Lyrae. With almost twice the cargo capacity of the stock Lyranea, it has slightly better speed due to the addition of extra thrusters. It is built like its smaller brother in Omicron Lyrea and is on par with the Rahanas L variants but with better armament.

Lyranea CT:

The Lyranea CT is the 'Compact Transport' version of the popular Lyranea XL in use by trading factions in Omicron Lyrae. With its extra set of thruster modules and less cargo space it is cheaper and faster than the Lyranea and is thus used mainly as a courier vessel by those who don't need the large cargo capacity of the original. It is built like its bigger brother in Omicron Lyrea and is on par with the Rahanas but with better armament.


Jonferson Space Systems' modular starship approach allows the corporation to build a number of combat and civilian capital ships, including this cutter, the Halmekron, which is the the smallest warship available for purchase at the Omycron Lyrea L class shipyards. It is a fast and agile gunboat that can outgun anything it can not outrun, and thus used for zone patrol and law enforcement. Armed with a variety of weapon systems including 4 Plasma/JET LR turrets, it has the ability to take down squadrons of fighters, but is not suited for capital ship engagements.

Arawn CT:

The Arawn CT 'CompacT' removes the external port and starboard pods of its bigger sibling increasing its thrust to mass ratio, and thus having a positive impact on its mobility and speed. Less costly in acquisition and operating costs this ship is designed for escort and patrol. As a carrier its fighter and drone complement is identical to the Arawn XL, but missing both nacelles and its turret positions has taken away somewhat of its bigger brother's bite.

Thank you's.

Thank you ,KrYocHokE  for helping me recolor this ship in 'utility yellow' and also for the model itself, it looks and works great ingame.
Thank you Sir Francis Drake, for the help with some of my noob coding issues.


In the compressed YMCS file you will find 2 more compressed files:


The core files are the addon ship files and can all be copied to your extensions folder of X-Rebirth. The Optional files, as the name implies are optional.
Either you don't install any optional files and you will have to purchase the ships at the shipyard, or you install ONE and only ONE of them to get that particular ship at gamestart.