X: Rebirth

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Massive flight Overhaul: New Lore Back ship, new Cockpit,
New 3d ship for External view & Transparent Canopy Glass.
VR compatible.
Lost sectors supported.

Permissions and credits
[MOD/3D Blender] ZeroGrid Cockpit & 3D extenal view x4 style + Side Console Fix

Up Date  - 01/07/2022 :

I decided to divide the mod into two separate modes to choose from in favor of flexibility and compatibility between other mods & VR if in use.
You can use each individually or together :

Cockpit ship Only - ZeroGrid
back Ship Only - ZeroGrid (VR compatible)

In addition there is the option to download a single mod file which contains everything.
added optional file - No star dust for lost sectors

highly recommended Mods
(not required - but they make the ship & Mod look better)
Pimp My Skunk - Shiny

For the external view - if you want to zoom and see the changes i have added
Camera and Zoom

ZeroGrid mod gives the player the ability to walk inside the cockpit when landed on XL ships & platforms
this mod really works well together with my stairs system when skunk is landed
Observation Deck

use this mod only if have Capital ship Bridge installed - so it will not bypass
zerogrid add-ons when skunk is landed
Repair Docks For Capital Ship Bridge Mod

tnx to KrYcHokE ,S.Gordon and John Colman for helping testing it out :)


Ready & Done
0. redesign cockpit Glass canopy and frames from scratch with lights reflections and dirt
1. Centered the Cockpit , Player and all Ship components - placed it on XYZ Zero Grid (player is now at the front center of the ship )
2. optimized collusion for fancy flying - ( you can fly between  narrow structures and pipes like the Millennium falcon)
3. independent Field of View settings (changed from 93.4 to - 140.5 )
4. Side Menu Console for any Fov ( fixed Legendary BUG that happens if FOV changed from 93.4 base game setting)
5. Lore redesign the UI clicks menus and Monitors  
6. New optimized weapons system visuals for any Field of view or resolution .
8. new UI and Camera animations locations for campaign story integration.
9. minimalist cockpit design using Blender to create open wide dreamy view
10. removed more then 80.000 Verts not seen by the eye for better FPS and preference.
11. new Back ship interiors - 2 levels

installing the mod :
same as always to extensions folder - remove old vertion
better start new game

teladi outpost platform concept future mod:

new back and lightnings v1.8 update

 Tester's NEEDED !!

NEW Back ship  2 levels and some extra space

This mod alter only the default cockpit (units_player_cockpit_1.xml and  weapons FX'S xml's) and leave the other cockpits and game settings untouched.
this gives us and other mods creators more flexible way safe and easy to use this mod as blueprint.  
also this mod can help as copy paste to other cockpits xml's  (and ships in the future) with any settings and design separately
and no macro files was edited  -  99% Macro.xml's  free!

redesign cockpit Glass canopy  and frames

inspired by mods like: Skunk Overhaul (i will fix this old gem)
and  [WIP] Take Control
more info  soon .. just need some testing  first before i continue .. hope you like it :)

apps used :
blender 2.81a
better collada master 2.81
hex editor
mid to high range laptop AMD ryzen7 cpu +  Geforce 1650 GTX  
and a big screen TV