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Here is a proof-of-concept mod showing that constructing a OL station using Bio-Optic Wiring is technically possible. In general, stations can be construction using more than one build methods.

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Here is a proof-of-concept mod. DO NOT use this mod in your regular playthrough! It can't be removed without save-editing!

It is well-known that wares can be produced using different methods. Obvious evidences are the many Cell Fab Matrix stations in Albion and the many Mega Cell-Fab stations in Omicron Lyrae.

For modders who have looked into the source code, it is also known that ships can be produced using different methods too.
  1. Pick any ship. Let's say: Rahanas (Container), i.e., shp_l_kit_container_01
  2. Open up /libraries/wares.xml
  3. Search for "shp_l_kit_container_01"
  4. You should see 3 production nodes under //ware[@name='shp_l_kit_container_01']: /production[@method='default'], /production[@method='omicron'], and /production[@method='fieldsofop']

But how about stations? It seems no one has ever explored that aspect of modding. So here we go.
As a proof-of-concept mod, I made this as simple as possible.

  1. Install this mod and open up the game.
  2. Get a Construction Vessel (AL); I really recommend using Simoom's Lantern to test mods - they got comprehensive features that modders might need, including the summoning of vanilla ships.
  3. Comm the Architect on the aforementioned CV, and build a BoFu Star Complex.
  4. Skip the turret upgrade selection; that's not the focus of the day.
  5. Confirm the amount of wares required: note that Bio-Optic Wiring is required instead of Plasma Pumps.
  6. Confirm the build order: note that the first phase of the station completes without problems.

From what I know, we use buildmodules to construct ships and stations in the game. It happens that ship buildmodules and station buildmodules are both class="buildmodule". I thought, "if different shipyards could build the same ship with different buildmethods, then similarly, different CVs should be able to build the same station with different buildmethods".

I basically copied and adapted the code pattern to make the BoFu Star Complex use Bio-Optic Wiring:
  1. Add <build method="albion"/> into the AL station buildmodule. It seems that if no build method is specified, the default build method is used - this is the case of all vanilla station construction.
  2. Add BoFu Star Complex into the AL station builder list.
  3. Add <production method="albion">[...]</production> into the ware "stp_pro_bofu" in libraries/wares.xml. The way station components are made is actually very similar to the way turrets are made.

I hope this proof-of-concept mod can inspire modders out there to do something spectacular.