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This mod lets the player initiate the smalltalk mini-game with any NPC!

So no one has to wait ages for a specific NPC to start talking and for the talk-bubble to appear above their heads to be able to smooth-talk them to be trade agents or for better prices^^

Permissions and credits
This mod replaces the "Where do I find..." talk option with "Engage: Smalltalk" until the smalltalk has been completed (successful or not).

NPCs that were changed:
  • Item Trader (Mining Supplies, Junk Dealer, Recruiting Officer, ...)
  • License Broker
  • Shiptrader
  • Small Shiptrader
  • Mechanic

NPCs that were not changed:
  • Architect
  • Engineer
  • Marine Officer
  • Specialists (for stations)
  • Pilot
  • Captain
  • Manager
  • Defense Officer

Just extract the ZIP's directory to "X Rebirth\extensions" and you are good to go (it should be enabled automatically in game).

Game compatibility:
Only tested on v4.30, but it should work with any other...

Save compatibility:
Doesn't change the save game, so can be en/disabled anytime!