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A full replacement for the object details menu, making it more useful and informative

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Mod thread on Egosoft forums

The object details menu is one you use almost all the time in XR, for a multitude of different types of objects. I felt it could do with a re-work, and so I decided to create a new version from scratch. You use this just like you would the vanilla menu, but it uses space more efficiently and uses colours to convey more information. Hopefully, it's a bit nicer to use!

  • Two columns! Make use of that screen space!
  • Extra information on many rows, and more use of colour for readability/to catch your eye on any warnings (see images!)
  • Smaller font if the menu thinks it's running in a high resolution
  • Many things update in quasi-realtime - ware amounts, production status, crew commands, location, etc...
  • Most categories are expanded by default (now we have the luxury of double the rows)
  • C hotkey is enabled - if you have an NPC selected it comms that NPC, otherwise it comms the object normally
  • Shipyards have their build modules displayed (mostly for fun, but maybe this is useful if you have a player shipyard mod? let me
  • know...)