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Heya guys. I finally found the time to finish up a mod i've started to code a long time ago already. 
I'm presenting you Black Legion and hope u'll have lots of fun with it. :) Lemme know what u think.

for gameversion 4.21 and below

Black Legion

A new faction appeared in the galaxy, contradicting reports whisper about shipyards abroad of common zones, too far away to stumble over, yet close enough to bring danger... 
Pirates they say, but they seem organized. Few survivors who were fortunate enough to make it home after attacks talk about their ship's incredible weapon strength, but some ships seem to have weaker hulls to support a cargo hold.
A scarcely known trader already seems to make a small fortune supplying their shipyards, they say.
And they've been spotted in various systems, not just one.
Why now? And what do they want?

A few more infos:

-> they build up defence fleets protecting their shipyards and zones
-> they send out ships and coordinated fleets once advanced far enough to hit hostile targets
-> new missions for the player to take out Black Legion Ships or Stations (or work for them instead)
-> new pirate ships (some with cargo holds)
-> player can befriend the pirates and supply their shipyards
-> player can purchase or capture their ships
-> player can buy back neutral relations if things get out of hand
-> if relations drop very very low (-28) they primarily hunt the player (which can be a welcome change)

Link to a vid of a different take on a heavy pirate ship with complete different weaponry, the Battlestar.

- Ships are balanced for CWIR, so they might be a bit strong in vanilla.
- You can adjust almost everything to ur liking in the config file that can be found at blacklegion/md/bl_config.xml

More detailed infos about features and how the mod works (don't read it if u wanna discover it urself):


Extract the modfiles and drop the blacklegion folder into your extensions directory.

To uninstall, please navigate to the config file at
and set $cleanUpUninstall to "true".
Start the game, wait for the complete message, save and all the content is removed without leaving anything behind.