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[h1]Ledda Ship-Tech Fab[/h1]

Game version needed: 4.00+ / 4.10+ - using it in any different build may cause errors!

Now also compatible with existing savegames and games!

Mod adds Ledda Industrial Ship-Tech Fab in Smokestack zone (Lookout Alpha) in Albion, which enables the player to obtain Fusion Reactors via trading without the need to spend hours hunting ships that carry it.

It is best used while playing in the campaign mode, where gates are still shut. It helps players who would like to branch off from the main story line at that moment and strat empire-building path

Mod addresses lack of alternatives in obtaining Fusion Reactors - as the producers in the early game are all in Ascendancy, which leads to humongous shortages of that ware.

Extension places the new station in the Sector that has the needed suppliers, providing goods required in the production chain.

This extentension is aimed to offer player a choice to either pirate Fusion Reactors from the PMC or acquire them via trading, risking sending freighters to Albion.

[h1]New Ship Tech Fab in Smokestack / Lookout Alpha zone[/h1]

In the current game build, if the player is hostile to PMC it can take hours to gather needed Fusion Reactors required for most stations construction.

The other neutral suppliers, as well as PMC ones are all gathered only in Ascendancy sector, which often leads to massive shortages in the early game.

This resource is carried in small quantities and it is close to impossible to find them no matter if player hangs near Jump Beacons, stations that produce it or the Shady Vault hub.

If you are using it on existing savegame, please save it after launching the extension and reload to make the mass traffic show up around the station

Mod Changes:
  • Creates a fully functional Ship Tech Fab in Smokestack zone in Lookout Alpha Sector that sells Fusion Reactors
  • Factory belongs to the Ledda Industrial faction, that remains neutral to the player through the story mode.
  • Enables the option to either hunt the materials from PMC, other suppliers orobtain them via trade with properly functioning station.
  • Works on existing games, so you don't need to start a new one.
  • Station is fully functional, having all management and service ships (miners etc)
  • Mod enables the player to wander off the storyline while the gate to Omicron Lyrae is still closed and rebuild DeVries, while still being required to pay for obtaining the resources. No cheat or easy way out!

[h1]Some backstory[/h1]

Specialising in heavy construction and bulk manufacturing, Ledda Industrial's biggest client is the Plutarch Mining Corporation. Their Shipyards and Drone Production Facilities regularly churn out new assets for PMC which some representatives of Heart of Albion declare to be considered 'troubling'.

In anticipation of the incoming outbreak of a conflict between the Heart of Albion and hostilities versus newly discovered Republic of Cantara, Ledda Indistrial saw an excellent opportunity for new trade possibilities and hefty profits. As PMC's main source of needed materials Ledda felt confident that despite PMC's strong opposition to the new project, they won't be able to jeopardize it in any way, without risking Ledda cutting their supply lines.

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