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Optimized Fusion Reactors Production

Hey Everyone!

Mod is savegame compatible and can be removed / added anytime.

Game version needed: 4.00 / 4.10+ - using it in any older or newer build may cause errors!

This extension has been created to address the complaint expressed by some of you, about Fusion Reactors production ratios not being quite right, while playing in the campaign mode, where gates are still shut. It helps players who would like to branch off from the main story line at that moment and strat empire-building path

I have looked a bit into the files as well as played for a week now, with several lengthy sessions and came up with little something for trade-empire-building oriented players.

Hopefully, this mod will alleviate the need of constant staring at the Trade Offers list and spending hours looking for two digit numbers of reactors to appear somewhere.

I focused on modifying the values in such manner, that it feels natural and balances well the need for fluent gameplay experience and preserves the challenge.

Mod changes:
  • Increases the amount of produce per module to 65 from vanilla 40.
  • Keps the cycle time of 20 minutes and links it to the new output.

Each station will also list you these information, together with its efficiency, for how much long they have goods for to sustain production (in hours) as well as any bonus and optional resources they have present. You can access it via selecting Details in the station info menu. See screenshot here.

I have been experimenting with many other settings but the above feel very natural and balanced to me.

I will prepare the same optional mod for Reinforced Metal Plating.

The reason for releasing this extension as standalone is modularity. Some of you may find vanilla values fine, some may decide that it's too much. Options are always good to have :)

I recommend playing it together with my other mod Ledda Ship Tech Fab Fusion Reactors.

Please, do let me know if there is anything in the mod that needs changing and how it all plays out in your games!

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