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In memory of the MK3 Universe Trader :-) ships will trade for you autonomously. New version with mining and player station options.

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AutoTrader Ver.1.1:

v1.1: added type for trade reservation (format change in script command in X Rebirth 4.0)

    I. Requirement:You need a ship with universal storage capacity. To start the AutoMiner the ship needs at least 10 Scooper and 10 surface drones.II. How to start:

      1) Fly to a zone which sector has enough trade opportunities because the initial range of an AutoTrader will be this sector.2) Add the ship to your squad and wait until it has arrived.3) Select the ship either via property or zone map or simply target it if in visual range.4) Engage and disengage the autopilot (default: hit shift-A twice) to trigger a custom conversation "Auto Trade"5) Select "AutoTrade" and then one of the trade options "Sector Trader", "Sector Station Trader", "Sector Miner" or "Sector Station Miner" (see I. Requirements).6) Remove the ship from your squad.
    III. Promotion The total profit of an Auto trader unlocks an optional promotion. A corresponding message (including status details) is send to the player's logbook. To promote an auto trader just trigger the menu (see II.,4)) and select the Cluster or Galaxy trader option. Except the benefit of a wider range a promoted auto trader will work slightly faster and deals in higher ranked wares. However, his fee also increases slightly.IV. Relocation It is easy to move an auto trader to another sector or cluster. Just follow the steps 1) to 6) in II. above. IV. Warnings:

      1) Be careful where you start what type of AutoTrader! Any station miner or station trader will exclusively trade between player-owned stations only within his range (initially the current sector). For the station miner ensure that you own at least one station in that sector and that this station need resources available in this sector. For the station trader]/b] you need at least two stations in that sector which production and resources are mutually dependent (one produces the resource of the other).

      2) Be careful how many traders you promote to Cluster or even Galaxy range. A Galaxy Auto Trader will search the entire galaxy for most profitable deals and hence the list he has to check will become very long. If you run too many Galaxy Traders there will be significant lag spikes when they search for trades.

    [b]V. Installation

    As usual extract the entire AutoTrader folder to your extensions folder.

    Add all your auto traders to your squad to stop the scripts. Then save your game and exit. Remove the folder AutoTrader from your extensions folder. Start the game, load the saved game and find other jobs for the former auto traders.

    VII. Compatibility
    As all my mods also this mod does not use or alter any vanilla files for the ultimate compatibility. However, it does use  but uses several global and local (on the captain) variables and also adds some inventory items and an account to the captain. [bPlease do not change these!

    VIII. CopyRightI allow everyone to use this mod in parts or entirely for your own mod. Change or modify it as you like but, please, do not publish your mod of this mod at the Nexus (as some did already :-( ). I will maintain my mods there and do not wish any conflict.

Question & Answers

Q: I've started the Station Trader and now he is following me around. What is wrong?
A: If you start a Station Trader or Station Miner in a sector where you do not own any stations then he will send you a corresponding message (check you logbook) and will follow you.

Q: I do own several stations in the sector where I have started the Station Miner but he is following me. Is this a bug?
A: No bug. The Station Miner and the Sector Miner will check initially and regularly the amount of scooper and surface drones. If there are not 10 of each then he send a message and follow you around. Lead him to a ship Yard and buy the missing collector drones. The lead him back to the sector wher he is suppose to work, hail the captain and select "resume autotrade" either the Station Miner or Sector Miner.

Q: I have a Cluster Station Trader running but now I've changed my mind and want him to serve not only my stations but trade with NPC stations, too. How can I do that?
A: Just follow steps II. 2) to 6).

Q: I have observed my Station miner for some time and he is collecting and the drones do show "in Use" but there are no drones flying about. What is wrong?
A: Nothing, similar as with the autotrader's cargo lifters the mod do not launch the collector drones for collection. The entire collection is 'simulated'. So there is also no need for a ship to have a mining laser.

Q: My Rahanas energy freighter does not have the auto trader option, why?
A: The AutoTrader will only work with ship that have universal storage. However, if you insist of having an energy-only auto trader running then please feel free to mod my mod ;-)

Q: Could you recommend a good station setup for the Station Trader?
A: There are many good setups. An Engergy Array is always good to have because ecells are needed by every station. Similar with food rations, so a Foodstuff Supply in addition is a good setup. But also, for example, a Metalworks Yard and an Arms Tech Fab because the refined metals produced in the Metalworks are needed as a resource in the Arms Tech Fab to produce reinforced metal plating.

Q: My auto trader is not moving and hasn't send any report for some time.
A: Trigger the menu (see II. steps 3) & 4)) and see if the option "Show profit" appears. If so feel free to click it for a    status update in your logbook. Probably your trader has not found any deals in his range.

Q: I did hail him but there is no such show profit option. What is wrong?
A: The only way that can happen is if your pilot has received another command. Either you have assigned him to a new superior or added him to your squad or issued any other order. But no panic, you can restart him (see II. above).

Q: No, that didn't work either. What now?
A: Kick him from your squad, add him again and if you still do not get the option then send me your zipped saved game please  :-) 

Q: What about fuel?
A: No worries, the pilot covers for the fuel cost via his commision charge. (Technically: they do  not use fuel for jumping). If they have fuel initially it will be used for jumping.

Q: I've accidentially added him to my squad and now he's just following me. Is all lost?
A: Nope, all is cool. Just restart him (see II. above).

Q: I keep getting reputation gains with faction I never met but nothing increases. Is this brocken?
A: No, not broken, it's intended. Every trade partner's faction will be known to you, too, and With each trade you gain a very small reputation with the trader faction. It is so small that it requires many runs to "see" a reputation gain.

Q: LOL ! I've never been in Omicron Lyrae but in the map some sectors and zones are "known" to me. Is that right?
A: Do you remember the feature in X3 where you could set a fast ship to follow the Goner U.F.O.? It would eventually map out for you the entire universe :D   The auto trader has the same feature: if an area is known to them it is also known to you.

Q: I watched my auto trader during trades but where are the cargo lifter?
A: This mod does not use cargo lifters for load wares. The auto trader's ship has secretly been upgraded and equipped with a transporter beam ;-)

Q: What would you consider as an optimum ship setup for an auto trader?
A: Use a Titurel (go captue one :p) with a high-skilled engineer and a defence officer (command set on defend), fully equipped ammo, 75 welder drones and 75 interceptor Mk2, no fuel.

Any feedback is appreciated; please see this thread for more info and changelog.

Cheers Euclid