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Outputs the games economy to the .log file, including a simple python script to parse the log and generate a sqlite db for analysis. Sorry no localisation this version.

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Yorrick's GTN (Galactic Trade Network) Mod v0.01

This was written largely from example reading the code for NESA 0.9.0 by Mad_Joker and help from UniTrader. Thanks very much fellas :)

What is it?

It exports the games buy + sell order data via the .log file in your save directory. Aso included is a basic python script to parse the .log output and read the csv entrys to an sqlite db. Access is via the main menu in game : Universe > Access GTN > area to scan, ie Cluster, Galaxy, Sector or Zone.

This mod is functionally just an addon, no changes are made to the games xml (sorry no localisation yet) so it *should* be quite safe to use for vanilla game players and any new versions (>1.22) from Egosoft. It uses top_right menu slot on Universe menu.


The mod itself goes into extensions as usual.

The gtn.py script should go into the same directory as your .log file (C:UsersMeDocumentsEgosoftX Rebirth54443424 on my machine)
and be run from there by shortcut or CLI. The resulting test.db file will live there too :)

If you don't have them already you will also need Python 2.7.x (32bit or 64 bit are both fine) http://www.python.org/download/ and some way to use the db; http://sqlitebrowser.sourceforge.net/ is functional and free, but has a tendency to crash if you enter broken SQL queries.

Any issues let me know, and please don't mock my nooby coding too much :D