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  1. jelf
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    To get this to work with 4.3, download the SweetFx 1.5 files from here: https://sfx.thelazy.net/downloads/

    Then replace this mod's dxgi.dll with SweetFx 1.5's original dxgi.dll.

    You should be able to get most, if not all, of the effects then.
  2. KarazjoRamivs
    • member
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    Not working with 4.3 either on my end. Do I need to install anything extra?
  3. strolchi
    • member
    • 5 posts
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    Dose it not work with X:R v.4.3?

    Game doesn´t start... error! ;o(

    An developer info in the main description would be helpful.
  4. dagot1810
    • member
    • 77 posts
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    when i start X-rebirth with re-Imagined comes encountered a serious error:15, anyone knows why?

    Have a icore 7, new driver and Gtx 1080....

    When i start without re-imagined....game works....
    1. SeptimusRaven
      • member
      • 196 posts
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      It's an issue with the game version. Assuming your game is higher version than 2.0 like in my case, as i've just tried it moments ago with the same result. It doesn't seem to work with latest version of XR is what i'm trying to say. Shame that. Was really looking forward to it; especially the lightning effects seem cool in every screenshot, it's as if skyrim went into space. Needless to say it looks way better than the vomit inducing horror the devs assume lightning and atmosphere effects need to look like... But enough ranting, by the time egosoft finally decided x4 baked enough in the oven and release it, we may also have our elite space legs ready too, so it's gonna be a double christmas and we're gonna be able to forget about that awkward moment when you turned over to the right and immediately threw up in your mouth...
  5. LordVladimidian
    • member
    • 45 posts
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    From the screenshots, it seems it makes the game more... shiny? shouldn't be more dark? I mean, the space is a void dark and cold, the planets being shiny is okay, but the space should have more cold colors, not shiny xD

    anyway, this works for 4.10? i'm going to try it to compare it :3
  6. Grognak the Barbarian
    Grognak the Barbarian
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    2300 downloads, 30700 views... but only 22 endorsements ??
    whatsup community? wheres the respect gone to?
    1. bsjadhcbas
      • member
      • 28 posts
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      Noisy, dark and desaturated. I just don't like. And many others.
    2. Acechalunas
      • premium
      • 129 posts
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      Well, I for one think it makes the game look more gritty and real. Then again, to each their own, but personaly, I'm in love with it
    3. rinks361
      • supporter
      • 3 posts
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      Probably because this version sucks and doesn't work well half the time.
  7. ShermanX
    • supporter
    • 81 posts
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  8. raz334
    • supporter
    • 29 posts
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    Is there no way to have this work from the extensions folder? Pity, but im just not willing to give up the ability to easily remove it later without re-downloading the game, it does look sweet, but im just not sure how it will affect performance and my system is strangely having FPS troubles already.
    1. DeserterX
      • premium
      • 2,516 posts
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      It doesn't overwrite anything. You can add or remove the files whenever you like without affecting the actual game or its updates.
      But it would be risky to enable it if you already have fps troubles.
    2. zuthen
      • member
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      also pays to mention you can completely disable all features of the mod in game with a configurable hot key. all sweet fx customization's are like that. i do it all the time with fallout 4 when i want to see before and afters with it on and off. the fps hit also completely goes away when disabled.
  9. Vnezapno
    • member
    • 8 posts
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    Win 10 error messages on startup. What is the version of SweetFX?

    Upd: 1.5.1 ... can you make the 2.0 version, please?
  10. SacaSoh
    • member
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    For anyone with laptop switchable graphics: if you crash on startup (or ENB don't work ingame - turn it on and off to check, with Scr Lk key, or a custom key as per instructions) do the following:

    Download an hex editor (XVI32 for example), open xrebirth.exe (the game executable on the root game folder), click the "magnifying glass" icon and search for "d3d9" (without quotes) - there will be one result (d3d9.dll). Change "d9" characters to "fx" (so the name become d3fx.dll on the hex editor); also change the file d3d9.dll on root folder to d3fx.dll; save and go play the game.

    Laptop graphics will try to switch to low performance (i.e. Intel HD 4000) when the system detects the file d3d9.dll - I don't know why... changing the "call" inside the executable - and changing the name of the corresponding file on the root folder does the trick. Remember to set xrebirth.exe as High Performance or whatever on your commutable graphics settings.