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Added: 12/12/2013 - 03:24PM
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Last updated at 6:37, 28 Jun 2014 Uploaded at 15:24, 12 Dec 2013

A SweetFX preset designed to enhance the textures and the overall graphics of X:R without overdoing it. Tested in all star systems to provide the best results in both dark and bright sectors.

NEW VERSION 2.1 64bit!
VERSION 2.0 Optimized for the new shader!

- Much better texture appearance and feel
- Sharp graphics
- HDR-like glow
- Movie like look
- Low FPS impact (2-5 fps)

Special attention has been given to the low resolution textures of the game to make them appear as much higher quality as possible. Also alot of effort put into balancing the brightness in order to provide the illusion of HDR without making the image too dark. Lastly some desaturation and movie-like coloring was added to give a more realistic look. I hope you find it as pleasing to the eye as I do!

Check out the video above for the 2.0 version with the new X Rebirth shader!

Version 1.1 comparisons with X Rebirth legacy shader:
Re-imagined Mild Edition

2.1 64 bit version.

2.0 A new version optimized for the new shader introduced in the 2.0 version of the game.
Install as described bellow and override if you have previous version of the mod.

1.1 Fixed an issue that distorted the menus when the in game antialising was set to 0.
Install as described bellow and override if you have previous version of the mod.

1.0 The initial release of the mod.

You can disable/enable the preset while playing by pressing the ScrLk key (next to Print Screen) to see the difference real time.

2xAA or more (in-game antialising)
(All screenshots taken with 2xAA)

Known issues:
None as far as I know.

Extract the contents inside the X:R ROOT directory "Steam/SteamApps/common/X Rebirth/".
WARNING: Do not place the files in the Extensions folder SweetFX wont work!

Delete the following files
and the Folder
from your main game directory.

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