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Adds 'Please dock as soon as you get green position lights' when docking to station (from X-Beyond the Frontier).

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Just a small mod for people who miss golden era of XBTF and XT.
The mod adds a reply from station when docking (taken from "X-Beyond the frontier").
- Request permission to dock.
- Positive. Please dock as soon as you get green position lights.

There are two files, you need only one of them.

1. AIS_XBTF_V1 which changes radio chatter to:
Yisha: "Request permission to dock"
Station: "Positive. Please dock as soon as you get green position lights".

2. AIS_XBTF_V2 which does the same and adds XBTF greetings when you exit Skunk's cockpit, Argon or Split, depending on station race. Terrans greetings are default X:R.

Modified the way the file "Please dock..." is played. Now it is played from Yisha's position, so the game sound engine handles panning and fadeout.

VERSION 1.2 of V2
Now greetings on stations depend on station's race.
They are Argon for Argon, Split for Split and teladi for anything else (if one). Thus, no more Telady conspiracy theory.
If you like Teladi more than Argon, use older V2.

VERSION 1.3 of V2
Terrans are no more argon :)

Both files are savegame safe, you can remove them anytime.

Unzip files to the MAIN X-Rebirth folder (there is a new file in Voice_L044 folder for Yisha's voice new option).

Youtube DEMO: