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This mod will allow you to repair other ships, and ship components with Albion Skunk.

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Welding Laser 0.21 by lyravega
NOTE: I've been getting some questions from some people. If a component is destroyed, this mod will not allow you to repair it. This is just a simple repair laser, not a rebuild/reconstruct laser (however, I'll look into it aswell). Sorry for any confusions, if there was any.

Mining Laser MKI and MKII have been modded in order to make Albion Skunk capable of repairing other ships, and ship components. Download the optional file (Plasma Miner) to mine (blow asteroids up) efficiently with Plasma Cannon.

Extract the mod-folder to your "extensions" folder. If it isn't there, create one. It should look like this: "...\X-Rebirth\extensions\Welding Laser\". Refer to any text files that come with the archives.

To-Do List:
-Balancing (a heat mechanic? or is it fine, as it takes longer to repair big ships?)

To-Attempt List:
-Create a "new weapon" in order to separate Mining Lasers from Welding Laser
-Create a "new player controlled drone" and add this welding laser to it