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A simple X Rebirth save editor, using .NET 3.5

Permissions and credits
NOTE: This save editor is no longer under development, I'd recommend the much better equipped XRebirthSaveEditor by Isbeorn. If anybody wants to use the source for anything feel free.

Latest version: v03b

Make sure to backup your saves before using this tool! I'm not responsible for any loss of data caused by using it!

If you encounter any bugs please post in the thread on the official forums at http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=350004

- Save info editor, can edit the save name and date
- Player details editor which lets you edit your name, money and location (changing ship location isn't implemented yet though)
- Game details editor, can edit the game version, build, time played and original version
- Extension editor to remove extensions from the save
- Faction editor, right now only allows you to edit faction relations
- Entity editor, very WIP, only lets you view some of the ingame entities stored in the save

UPDATE: v03b
Fixed a bug with non-english locales, it's a temp fix though

UPDATE: v03a
Fixed a small bug with saving leftover from debugging

- Added extension editor, only allows removing right now
- Added faction editor, very WIP, atm you can only edit faction relations with it
- Added entity editor, nowhere close to being finished, right now you can view a list of entities (but not all of them, I need to do more research..)
- Fixed Exit button not exiting (thanks to smeggysmeg for reporting!)

v03 requires .NET 3.5, v02 only needs .NET 2.0

To remove extensions right click on the extension and press delete, you can also select multiple ones and delete them.

To change relations choose a faction in the faction editor, right click the faction in the relations section and press edit faction, you can also multiselect factions to change. If you only have one faction selected you will be prompted whether you want to edit that factions relation with your selected faction instead.

Old readme:

This is just a simple tool I cooked up to make editing your money easier, I don't really condone cheating but seeing as people want to cheat I may as well help them not mess up :P

- No more XML editing
- No more worrying about editing the wrong value
- Simple to use

- Highly untested, only tried it with my saves
- No error checking, make sure you only try to open save files
- Very basic

Editing money will also edit all the other values to do with money too, quick and painless :D