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A Total Conversation Mod for Xenonauts
With the X-Com aspects like stunning alien to get new researches and new features like aliens with damage resistance.

Permissions and credits

X - Division

Destiny Denied

Ver. for 1.5+ and 0.33+ CE

When the invasion began, the world was at cold war. They didn't trust each other.. They wanted to defend themselves alone. Many great soldiers didn't want to betray their own countries too. But few volunteers and some resources saw the danger in near future and created a division named X.. they were not the best, they didn't have the hidden cold war technologies but they got faith in their souls. And some warriors, scientist and workers gave their life for their future.. In time, the world will see what they are against but they will be to late.. X - Division was the final hope..

- You need have game ver. 1.5* and Community Edition 0.33+. For Community Edition: INFO/DOWNLOAD LINKS or if you use steam, right click to your game in game library, choose properties, go for BETAS and choose "Community"
- Mod is about 1.8 GB.
- Extract the file manually into the your "game's folder/assets/mods" with any program like winzip, winrar or 7zip
- Check any patch and hotfix of this mod, download them. (There is non for now)
- Start the game
- Activate the mods as you in the picture:

- See the new cool main menu picture.
- Old Save games wont work!

-Go for assets/mods folder and open XDivision folder
-Find weapons_gc.xml and open it with notepad
-Search for "weapon.grenade.incendiary"
-You will see a code just at that line: MODMERGE="insert"
-Change the "insert" to "replace"

"Veteran" Difficulty is  all stats are 1/1. Normal Difficulty can be easier then expected.

Welcome to X-Division A full Overhaul Mod for Xenonauts. This mod is made for to add more variety, micro management and using all the aspects of the main game. This mod is hard, complex, long and challenging. As my first mod in my life, it has my +20 year of turn based combat game play experience with best of its genre like Fallout Tactics, X-Com and Jagged Alliance. I strongly recommend to play this mod after finished Xenonauts.


X-Division brings most of the old X-Com concepts in to the Xenonauts with bringing micromanagement and alive alien capturing. Addition to old concept, X-Division adds many new weapons, planes, vehicles, researches, manufactures, projects and enemies. Many players don't have any idea about how to calculate game mechanics, like damage types, resistance and armour mechanic, armour penetrating and more. This mod uses every little bit of the game mechanic.

This mod has no joke. Everything has a purpose. Weapons, armors, enemies... You need everything to survive.. Ignoring something like "i don't like to use vehicles" or " shields are useless, i can fight without them", will make your life much more harder.. because i said those things to myself when i play vanilla and XNT and i try to figure out how to make all aspects useful..

Xenopedia and tooltips fully remade. New X-Pedia got about 400 entry with new lore. Some entries got not a lore but will be handled as soon as possible by lore writers. New original X-Com style X-Pedia got every weapon 1 by 1...

Xenonauts had no name as a special ops at vanilla game. As an navy officer at my country, this is unacceptable for a military unit who fights against a serious enemy. For this reason, i wanted to create a flag, a family, a force to fight together against a thread, as X-Com created 20 years ago.. I hate to copy something already used so i created "X-Division".. Made an emblem for it and put everywhere at game. Now you have an ID... live with it, die for it..

X-Division started as a next version of XNT 6.0 after XNT team stopped modding. Now X-Division is a totally new mod with XNT aspects inside; some are nearly same, some are different and much more content.

All new weapons art taken from countless web sources, searched for days and the best edited at Photoshop to use at game. New weapons get unique particles-explosions. Few of them taken from here as visual mods but sadly most of old visual editors are no longer here and i couldn't get any answers to my pms..

X-Division started a single mans dream and now became a team. All people who loved the old days and want to help as modeler, lore writer, 2D effect designer even grammar checker will be welcome on board! 

X-Division Team and supporters:
Lead Modder: Drages
AI Advisor: Tactical Dragon, Sentelin
Lore/Xenopedia Writer: Nuclearstudent, odizzido, Xany, Squaddie Perseus, Woz2 
Helper/Tester: asierus24, Draku
Tester: Blackwolf, Reactorcore, Alienkiller, and more
Support: Max Cain, Kabill

X-Division Contents, Aspects, Facts and Ideas:

Xenonauts Side;

- All the default armory stats revised and changed. 
- 64 new weapon with 12 new weapon branches, with cannon types weapons,

- 10 New and Upgraded Explosive Branches, with new heavy explosives and vehicle cannons,

- 4 New Personal Armour, 2 new vehicle, Cannon weapons for vehicles, 3 personal shields, 1 button;

- Air Combat now got 3 aircraft types: 1 new Interceptors, 2 Light Torpedo Carriers and 3 Bombers,
- New cannons, missiles and torpedoes for aircrafts,
- Disassemble UFO's to get profit and UFO parts to manufacture vehicles, aircrafts and more..
- There is now 4 tier named Basic/Advanced/High/Ultimate rather then ballistic/laser/plasma/mag.  Every tier got easy to reach and manufacture base weapon branches, 1 more powerful weapon branch which needs more research and alien weapons to manufacture and a rare weapon branch which very powerful but hard to get.
- Everything (not ammo) need to be manufactured. Grenade manufactures give you 3 grenade, rocket manufactures give 2 rocket and other projects gives 1 of the item.
- New X-Pedia fully remade with about 400 entries! All weapons got its tooltips.
Enemy Side:  
- 40 new alien weapon, special for every race and game era. 

- 2 New UFO: Dreadnought and Assault Lander 
- 8 New Xenomorphs and 2 New Reapers will be your nightmares.
- X-Com style "Capture alive to get the research". Sebillians and Caesans got 12 new specialists with different colors. Capturing them alive is very vital for game progress. 

- 4 New Androns as their control units. They are very tough but needed as manufacture material for many high tech electronic devices like vehicles and armours. All andron bodies are now used for armour-vehicle manufacturing. You cant stun them so you should not blow them up.
- Crazy AI which makes you crazy and kill you.. A bit updated version of the XNT 5.3 AI made by Tactical Dragon and Sentelin. The enemy got no hurry, nothing to worry and will find the best way to make you scream.
Global Additions:
- Beginning of the game is really hard. Your basic weapons are totally crap. Get an armour and new weapons ASAP.
- Invasion is much more slower then default. Dont panic if you think you are slow.
- All economical rates are upgraded, balanced for mod. 
- All manufactured items can be sold for benefit but the rates are different per items.
- Game has 4 main damage types. Kinetic-Energy-Chemical and Incinerate. All aliens got weak and strong resistances against certain type of damages. Soon you will see them at Xenopedia, but not yet. For this reason you can check:

- Tons of new explosions, projectile, particle effects added. More will come.
- Nearly all UI graphics upgraded. X everywhere!
- There mods are implemented with X-Division:
- "Furies, Terror, and Dreadnoughts Oh My" from skaianDestiny
- "Dynamic Ufo Spawns" from kabill
- "Fire in the Hall!" from kabill
Not Implemented Yet:
- Balance is still an issue. I am waiting all your feed-backs about balance.. Economy or combats...
- New manufacture projects with manual-looted alien grenade-ammos.
- Building overhaul
- Special Alien forces unique to some situations, like terror sites, base defense or ufo bases.
Special Thanks:
- All XNT Crew - Tactical Dragon and others for earlier versions and all effort!
- Max Caine and Kabill - unlimited patience to my noobish questions
- "Furies, Terror, and Dreadnoughts Oh My" thx for skaianDestiny and others..
- Thanks for aircraft arts to haryopanji from DA...
- Dynamic Ufo Spawn, Fire in the Hole!, Armours.. so many things from Kabill!
- Max Caine's fan art! 
- Jsleezy and JBB armour arts!
- UfoTobby Laser weapons...
- For all projectile artists!

New alien specialist list you need to capture:

4 types 3 class 2 race..

For sebs and caesans:

1. class : light scout - scout - corvette
2. class : corvette - cruiser -landing ship
3. class : cruiser - carrier - battleship

medic - physician - doctor (white caesan - non armored pink sebillian)

technician - engineer - chief (green caesan - a bit armored pink sebillian )

navigator - pilot - cruisecommander (yellow caesan - a bit armored pink sebillian)

weaponsergeant - weaponofficer - weaponcommander (green caesan - pink armored sebillian)

For androns:


0.98.2 Hotfix 7 Notes:
- Final isual Fixes from odizzido
- Ajaxial Balance Mod included.
- Melee aliens reflexes nerfed badly.
- Deleted some unnecessary files for lowering the size.
- This is probably the final version until 0.99. 
0.98.2 Hotfix 6 Notes:
- EMP-Shock Weapons can be seen in equipment screen and usable fully.
- All grenades are exploding instant now.
- "You need to get alive alien specialists for more researches." message added to Alien Rebel X-Pedia.
0.98.2 Hotfix 5 Notes:
- This patch created by odizzido to make the Xenos and some weapons visible.
0.98.2 Hotfix 4 Notes:
- All Alien Sniper rifles nerfed as accuracy and damage.
- Tier 3-4 human snipers damages nerfed.
- At soldier equip screen, now you can choose all armours easily. 
0.98.2 Hotfix 3 Notes:
- Hyperion and Centurions manufacture bug handled.
- Xenomorphs wont sale automaticly.
- X-Pedia got new entries thx to our lore writers!
0.98.2 Hotfix 2 Notes:
- Ground Combat Crashing alien blood grenades corrected. Happy Looting!
- Very important research chain correction about alenium explosives 
- Andron specialists should be visible at ground combat.
- Alien cannon weapons reaction modifier nerfed from 0.5 to 0.01... so they should not able to react.
- Alien minigun/heavy weapons acc nerfed from about 100 to 50.. 
- Sebillians are safe to loot now!
- Shock grenades dont liqiuid aliens any more :)
0.98.2 "Vehicles Forever" Notes:
- VEHICLE DLC for X-Division.

- Total 8 Vehicle, 3 vehicle with totally new skins, 2 totally new.
- New machine guns and powerful rockets for hunter and seeker
- Vehicle default energy cannons are again cannons rather then burst weapons.
- Light cannons for heavy tanks.
- All stats rebalanced.
- Aliens TU's nerfed. Now they wont walk much. Its not including melee creatures.
- Light drones accuracy nerfed.
- Alien grenade TU is nerfed. Now they will throw only one per turn.
- Game speed became 0.6 from 0.4. so its a bit faster..
- Old X-Division emblem replaced with much cooler new one and some GUI art changes..
- No more caesan specialists at sebillian cruiser
- Electroshoch research corrected. Now you will get your toys.
- Early sebs kinetic resistances a bit nerfed.
0.98.1 Patch Notes:
-Fully New X-Pedia and Tooltips
- Alien weapon researchs #### handled.
- Drone wreckage autosold handled.
- Andron research line corrected (you cannot stun them, just kill them and dont explode its body)
- AP cannon manufacture #### handled
- Corsair-Maruader-Fury research line corrected
- Predator Armour manufacture handled
- Handcannon manufacture bug REALY handled.
- Missing earlier specialists wont be problem if you catch alive next higher rank.
- Regeneration nerfed (From %50 to %20)
- Vehicles now create %80 cover for xenonauts.
- Its very hard to hit a crouched xenonaut (but still its ufo type game and you know the possibilities..) 
- Plasma weapons wont auto sold.
- Handcannon manufacture bug handled.
- Special characters erased.
- There should be no more UI lock with some manufactures. If happens report please.
- Sebillian-Caesan officers nerfed.
- Nextgen pistol-shield bug handled.
- Caesan Noncombatant wont be blue when throwing grenades, because nobody will give him any grenade to throw.. 
- More specialist aliens to capture at light scout and scouts..
- Shock and power batons are now 1-3 size
- Important bugs handled at research (restart needed if you searched air torpedo)
- Smoke grenade got smoke.
- Fallen navigator should be not red on ground.
- Heavyplasma nerfed and erased from Guards. 
I am waiting all your ideas, feed backs, bug reports!!! 

For more info, join Goldenhawk forums!

0.99 is on the way with totally different features and much much MUCH more..