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Added: 22/02/2016 - 11:26AM
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Xenoscape is an original music add-on mod for Xenonauts, designed to replace and change the atmosphere of the game throughout its gameplay.  Most of the tracks are longer than the play-duration of each setting (Air Combat finishes in under a minute, usually, but the track goes on for much longer) for increased immersion.

The style is a mix of 80s cheese-synths, IDM, ambient music, and improv.  If you enjoy jam bands, you might like this, since most of it is improvised and done in one take!


3 Air Combat Tracks
4 Geoscape Tracks
3 Day Combat Tracks
3 Night Combat Tracks
Main Menu Track

YouTube Playlist: 

If you enjoyed the music and would like to support the lab, like the YouTube videos and subscribe to our YouTube channel, and stream the music directly from the site at any time.  The channel will be periodically updated for new projects and musics in the works!




Load the folder into the "Xenonauts/assets/mods" directory and launch the game from the mod manager.  For vanilla games, you might be able to replace the music files directly, but you'll have to make sure you replace the sounds.xml and sounds_gc.xml files directly as well.  (Usually not advised since you'll be overwriting the original music files themselves.)  This mod should work on any version of the game.


I've been having issues with volume balance in-game -- the volume controls within the .xml attributes seem to be unresponsive at times.  Air Combat music tends to sound too soft, Night Combat too loud.  Let me know if you're experiencing issues with these things, and/or if you happen to know the solution to these problems.