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Are you a fan of Ace Combat or Project Wingman? Do you want to command a squad based on the legendary Razgriz? The daring Strider? The famed Sicario Mercs? Or even other famous aces from your favorite arcade flight sim games? Try out this Character Pool!

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Ace Combat & Project Wingman Character Pool
Ace Combat is a series of arcade combat flight sim games by Project Aces of Bandai Namco Entertainment, famous for its extensive lore, a fleshed out fictional world, memorable moments, epic soundtracks, among various others, which makes the series stood out among its peers.

Project Wingman is an indie game developed by Sector D2 which is heavily influenced by the Ace Combat series and has proven to be an excellent game in its own right. Both games featured many memorable characters and ace pilots that are all unique and have interesting backstories.

This Character Pool is my own attempt to bring some of these beloved characters into the world of XCOM, either as soldiers or as NPCs.  

Here is the list of characters included in this pool:

  • Mihaly 'Archange' Shilage
  • Erich 'Reiher' Klinsmann (Yellow 13)
  • Kei 'Edge' Nagase
  • Alvin 'Chopper' H. Davenport
  • Hans 'Archer' Grimm
  • Marcus 'Swordsman' Snow
  • Jack 'HtbreakOne' Bartlett
  • Chad 'Count' Krueger
  • Oscar 'Tabloid' Fischer
  • Emily 'Huxian' Wong
  • Albert 'Jaeger' Jager
  • Avril 'Scrap Queen' Mead
  • John 'Slash' Herbert
  • Marcus 'Shamrock' Lampert
  • Elke 'Scream' van Dalsen
  • Wolfgang 'Huckebein' Buchner
  • Larry 'Pixy' Foulke
  • Ilya 'Nosferatu' Pasternak
  • Matias 'Alicorn' Torres
  • Nastasya 'HtBreaker' V. Obertas
  • Deanna 'Dragon' McOnie
  • Fiona 'Cleric' C. Fitzgerald
  • Cynthia 'Priest' B. Fitzgerald
  • Irena 'Vega' Dvornik (an SP ace from Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation, who's the daughter of the leader of Estovakia, General Gustav Dvornik)
  • Camilla 'Catwalk' Almeida (leader of Cocoon Squadron from Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy)
  • Juno 'Sova' Andor (an OC from one of my fanfics, Yellow 4's younger twin sister)
  • Peter 'Diplomat' Kennedy
  • Evelyn 'Comic' London
  • Robin 'President' Kuo
  • Arnold 'Kaiser' Frenken
Unfortunately, due to the featureless nature of Ace Combat/Project Wingman protagonists, I did not do any character based on the player characters like Phoenix, Cipher, Mobius 1, Blaze, Talisman, Trigger, or Monarch. Sorry about that.

At any rate, hope you enjoy!

Important Note: This Character Pool is created in War of the Chosen, so it might need the expansion for the pool to work.