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Adds the Tank Class to the game for the Long War Perk Pack Mod.

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Vigilo Confido Commanders!

We heard of a new Soldier Class, that is fighting out there. Maybe we should make contact and recruit some of these fighters. Now we can send Tanks on the battlefield!

Adds the Tank Class to the game with 20 custom soldier abilities and 2 GTS tactics. Also custom FX included. This is an additional soldier class and does not override other classes or gameplay mechanics.

This is the Tank Class for the Long War Perk Pack Mod.

-changed the order of the ability tree, because of new perks.
- COVER PROTECTION is no longer in the ability tree, but is still avaiable in AWC. Was obsolate because of WILL TO SURVIVE.
-reworked HERE I AM: instead of lowering the defense, enemies will get an aim bonus if they shoot the tank but also a penalty to critical hit chance. balanced stats.
-reworked PROTECTION PROTOCOL: has now an activation speech. Fixed some bugs where the damage reduction was not applied correctly (blazing pinions and stunlancer electrical attack). balanced stats.
-new perk ADVANCED STORAGE: Tanks can now target other teammates with PROTECTION PROTOCOL.
-new perk WARNING SHOT: a special shot that can apply panic on the target, regardless if it hits ore misses but will always graze on a hit. 
-new perk STANDBY:all reaction shots and hits (Bladestorm, Shieldhit, CCS, Revenge,etc) can crit and have better aim crit chance and do additional damage.
-new GTS tactic HACK SEMINAR: inreases hack stat of tanks and they gain HAYWIRE PROTOCOL.
-GTS tactics costs can now be edited in the config.
-bug fix: BALLISTIC VESTS: now the armor is applied correctly, also if the vest is equipped in the second utility slot.
-lightly balanced main stats of the tank.
-nerfed TEAM SHIELD: it will now only last for 5 turns and will also be removed if the caster dies.
-SHIELDHIT can now crit in combo with other abilities.
-own ability pictures.
-improved common text and visualizations.
-AWC Change: MASOCHIST, HERE I AM, COVER PROTECTION are by default false and other soldiers can not get them anymore. Tanks can not get SHADOWSTEP from AWC anymore, because that does not fit in their role as tanks.

Initial Release


Tanks are known for their high survivability in the battlefield. By their outstanding resilience, they withstand even strong attacks.

Left Tree:   Survival
Right Tree: Battle
Primary weapon:        Rifle, Canon or Shotgun
Secondary weapon:    Gremlin

Some own nicknames which fit in the role of a tank.

GTS ability supplies are balanced for all difficulties.

Resilience: Enemy attacks against tanks suffer a penalty to critical hit chances.
Hack Seminar: Tanks gain increased hack and are able to hack robots.

Hack: Tanks can remote hack with there gremlins. The vanilla perk.
Here I Am: Become easier to hit to make the enemies attacking you and not your squadmates.
Protection Protocol: Generate with your gremlin an energyshield, which grants you different bonuses. Bonuses: Shield HP, Dodge, Melee damage reduction, Explosive damage reduction. These Boni are becoming better with higher tier gremlins.


1.Steadfast: Never panic as a result of getting wounded, or allies getting killed. Also gain immunity to stun.
2.Ballistic Vests: Gain +2 extra points of armor, if you equipp a vest on this soldier.
3.Challenge: Challenge an enemy and make him to your main foe. You gain better aim and crit and also motivating nearby squadmates if a kill is confirmed.

1.Will To Survive: the LW Perk.
2.Shield Hit: Gain free melle attacks if an enemy gets close, which disorient on a hit. Only active if Protection Protocol is activated.
3.Warning Shot: A special shot that can apply panic on your target, regardless if the shot hits or misses, but on a hit it will always graze.

1.Shock Absorbant Armor: Reduced damage by 33% from enemies within 4 tiles.
2.Combat Drugs: Gain one free overdrive serum to your inventory.
3.Revenge: When targeted by enemy fire, automatically fire back with your primary weapon once per turn.

1.Decoy: Gain one free mimic beacon to your inventory.
2.Field Surgeon: the LW Perk.
3.Advanced Storage: You can now target your teammates with protection protocol, but the cooldown is increased.

1.Survival Training: Hunker Down, heal from negative effects and regenerate hp over time.
2.Infighter: the LW Perk.
3.Pre Fire: When targeted by enemy fire, automatically fire a preemptive reaction shot with your primary weapon once per turn.

1.Team Shield: Activate an area of effect energy shield. It grants all soldiers shield HP.
2.Hard Target: the LW Perk.
3.Close Combat Specialist: the LW Perk.

1.Ever Safe: You are granted an automatically Protection Protocol at the end of your turn if you only move.
2.Last Chance: Once per mission, instead of dying heal Hp and activate Protection Protocol.
3.Standby: All your reaction shots do more damage, have better aim, crit chance and can now crit.

AWC abilities can be changed in the config folder of the LW Tank Class, if you do not want one of them for the AWC. Tanks can not get "Phantom", "Resilience" and "Shadowstep" from AWC. (F) means that these perks are by default set to false, so other soldiers can not get them.

Here I Am(F), Cover Protection(F), Decoy, Combat Drugs, Shock Absorbant Armor, Revenge, Steadfast, Pre Fire, Survival Training, Masochist(F), Challenge, Ballistic Vests, Team Shield, Warning Shot, Standby;

Masochist: Gain +10 aim and +10crit if your health is under 50%.
Cover Protection: Reduced damage by 25% if in cover and not flanked.

Most values can be optimized in the correct .ini file of this mod.

English, German, Spanish; 

Anyone who want to make a translation can post it in the steam translation discussion and i will implement it in the next update. Some translations are maybe not 100% correct because there were updates released after the translations were done.

This mod is only compatibel with the "Long War Perk Pack" mod. Do not use it together with the standalone Tank Class Mod.

Compatibel with other mods. Compatibel for all DLCs. Also compatibel without DLCs.
No compability bugs known yet.

No bugs known yet.

Thanks for the whole modding community. It was a real funny time for me to make this mod (sometimes also frustrating :D) and i hope you enjoy playing with it.

Thanks for "Long War Studios" who made the amazing Long War Perk Pack mod.
Thanks for "Abraham the Heavy" who made the class icon. 
Thanks for "Papas con Mojo" who made the spanish translation.

This mod like the others is for free. If you enjoy playing with the Tank Class, you can consider to vote for this mod.
If you want to make the mod author happy, you can also spend some coffeemoney (big green donation Button). I will appreciate that :)

Also available on Steam: Steam Workshop LW Tank Class
Check out my standalone Tank Class, if you do not want to use Long War Perk Pack mod. Standalone Tank Class
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As any XCOM 2 mods do, saving a game with a mod enabled will cause the save game only work if and only if the mod is enabled, since this is a tactical game mod there shouldn't be missing content after disabling the mod as long as you don't save in tactical games, so for now you'll have to use this mod to fix it if you decide to disable the mod
Ignore Missing Content Mod

Problems? Follow this guide first! It may solve your problems (applies to all mods).
Mod Guide

- new GTS ability which adds something to reduce the wound recovery?
- add more custom abilities to replace the LW perks (i have some great ideas)
- optimize visualizations