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Adds new, engineering buildable and configurable High Quality Ammo to game. Adds +5 to hit by default and is required to build Experimental Ammo.

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High Quality Rounds XCOM 2 Mod, this mod adds new ammo item into the game. Originally intended to be a part of the Ammo and Vest Slots mod but works also just fine as independent mod.  

Features Added:
- New High Quality Round you can build from Engineering. Costs 25 supplies and one is required to build experimental ammo.

Configurable via XComHighQualityRounds.ini:
- Aim and Damage mod of new ammo
- Critical Chance and Critical Damage bonus
- Armor Penetration
- Supply cost
- Enable or disable experimental ammo build requirement. 

Recommended mod: 
Ammo and Vest Slots Mod

Thanks for everyone who is sharing information and script examples in forums and reddits, I have been through most of it and I would never been able to do any of this without those examples.